Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring has to be soon...

I'm anxious for spring to show itself, soon. I did see the robins yesterday, as snow, ice and rain was falling, so the poor thing probably wondered why it came to Ohio already.

Thankfully today the snow is mostly melted, just enough out there for a little 2 year old to have some fun. She wanted to have a snowball fight, so we made some snowballs, but when I hit her boot (so lightly it wasn't even funny!), she pouted and said "That hurt!". But, proceeded to slam me pretty good for a little thing, with a big snowball.

I was pretty pleased to find on the web yesterday that one of our cheeses had a really good review by the food magazine called The Nibble.

You can look at that at:

We are the first Gouda listed, under Buckeye Grove Farm.

We are almost all set to start cheese making, hopefully March 25, and hopefully figure out what we're doing! I'm getting pretty anxious to start this challenge. Plus, our walk in cooler is getting very low on wheels of cheese, so time to get those shelves filled and start selling!

That's about all the happenings here on this lazy, cold Sunday. And thanks to the time change, it's been a real lazy day....

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