Thursday, August 23, 2012

Emily and I....A couple of Redneck Girls!

Emily & I have been learning how to ride my dads 4-wheeler (safely). Emily says I'm too slow driving it. Well....I guess that means I'm being careful!  I've never drove one of these before. My dad really enjoyed riding. He loved anything "outdoors". So, in some ways, riding is a comfort to me.

I have to admit...buzzing around the farm is really fun, and I kinda like getting some mud kicked up, too! :) 

Our reason for going to the hayfield was to take lunch & coffee to Al. He was busy mowing some hay. We are really behind on our hay, thanks to the drought earlier this summer.  But, with the recent rain, we should be able to get enough hay to get us through the winter.

We did a little goofing around with the camera while we waited for Al to make it around the hill. I remember when Emily was little and loved to smile pretty for the all I get from her is goofy faces...

Even Annie didn't want to look pretty for me...

Hope everyone has had a great week. My day off from the diner is tomorrow, so we're making a trip to our county fair! Emily is really hyped up about it, and hopefully she lets me get some nice pictures of her...without the silly faces! ;)

Friday, August 17, 2012

What I Love About Summer......


Congratulations to Bette O. She was chosen as the winner of the newest GBP cookbook, 101 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes!!

An email has been sent her way!

Big thanks to everyone who stopped by for a visit and left a comment.

Have a great weekend!! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Little This & That...Summer 2012

Wow! What a crazy summer this has been. I'm really looking forward to fall and some cooler weather.

Big thanks to those who have entered to win the newest GBP cookbook!! I had so much fun trying out the recipes...and I'm looking forward to trying some more from this cookbook. So many amazing recipes! Tomorrow a winner will be picked! :)

I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer. It seems like it went by so quickly. Emily will be heading back to school on the 27th. I'm going to miss having her here at home...but she is excited to see her friends. I even think our school shopping is done. Which is great, and I'm actually early.

This summer has also been a difficult one. My dad, after battling cancer for 10 months, passed away on July 6. My comfort is that he is no longer in pain, it was getting very bad for him, and the dosage of morphine was so high, and not helping. His one wish was to pass away at home in his favorite recliner, and he was able to do that. He sat down, and fell asleep, and quietly passed. I miss him so very much.

I'm now in the process of sorting through his belongings. It's a challenge, since I live 2 1/2 hours away from his place. My favorite treasure that I found in his attic was old family photos, newspaper clippings (my grandpa was a champion corn husker back in the 1930's), and my dads baby book.

I've also started back working at our local diner again. I enjoy it. It's great work, enjoy those I work with, and, well, the extra paycheck doesn't hurt either! ;)

That pretty much sums up my summer, and I apologize for not updated my blog more often this summer. I'm planning a few things for this coming fall, and look forward to sharing with everyone!

Good Luck to those that left a comment on my cookbook giveaway post!! I can't wait to draw the winner! 
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