Thursday, July 31, 2008

Emily & Kitty


I have an interest in clouds, sunsets and photography. Tonight we had some rain and thunderstorms go through, and it resulted in a beautiful sky.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quiet time

It's quiet here. A rare thing!

Al is in the field trying to salvage some hay that was cut almost a week ago. It may do for bedding for our heifers. Emily is napping on the couch. She needed a good nap, she's been grumpy today.

We tried playing outside earlier, but she was just too tired, and it is HOT out today.

I should be doing some laundry, and getting something for dinner right now. But, I just enjoyed a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream instead. I think I picked something better to do!

We had a late late night last night. Had to (unexpectedly) process a cow, in a lightning storm, with 2 young'uns asking tons of questions. We appreciated the help of some good neighbors.
We have a freezer full of some good beef for the coming year.

Emily had fun playing with the neighbors little boy. I get a kick out of watching her joining in the fun with others. He's just as ornery as she is, and I think he asks more questions (if possible) than her!

We did make it to the car show, it had about 24 cars. Nice ones, though. But they sure do have it at the hottest time of year, at the hottest time of day in the sun. We walked through quickly.
Had lunch at our wonderful local restaurant owned by neighbors. Of course by this time Miss Emily was way past her nap time, and was a little bear. Something about getting too tired anymore is making her really grouchy. Guess we can't skip that afternoon nap!

Not much going on in town today for the festival. I think the firehouse is serving Chicken and Ribs through this afternoon. Makes a nice dinner.

Now, I'm off to actually do something productive. Not sure what just yet, but I'm sure I won't have to think too hard to find something to get into.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Heritage Days

The smell of food, the sound of music and folks square dancing in the middle of the street. It must be festival time in our small town.

Nothing like taco in a bag, the sound of the fiddle and a voice calling out to the dancers.

Seeing the townspeople sitting around and visiting is just fun!

It's amazing, I've only lived in this area now going on eight years, but I think I actually know more of the locals here than I did in my hometown.

Emily really got into the music and dancing. Before the night was over, she was out there shaking it with the best of them! Of course we had to tone her down a bit when she felt the need to show a little "princess pull-up".

Tomorrow is the car show, hoping to make it to that. I'll see how soon I make it back from the farm market, and how much hay Al gets done.

I've been having some fun hitting some of the local yard sales. Nothing like finding some good bargains. Finally found 6 (count em!!!) matching chairs for our nice table we were given last summer. They actually look the same!! I don't think I've ever had chairs that were the same. Woohoo! I just have to have at least one holiday dinner here at our house this year, just to show off the chairs!

Was so excited to find a soup tureen. Never thought I would need one, never really knew what it was called until one of my GLU sisters told me. It was unique and caught my eye. I'm sure I'll use it too. I just love using that kind of stuff on a regular basis for my family. No sense saving it for a "special" occasion, since every day I am blessed to sit down with my husband and daughter, I see that as special.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy summer..

It's been a busy summer, but still don't feel like we've actually accomplished much.
We're halfway through 1st cutting of hay. We should be done with it right now, but rain and
breakdowns have slowed us up.

We've been making about 2 batches of cheese each week, trying for about 7-8 batches a month.
I'm finding that we need to make A LOT to keep up with the demand. Good problem to have I suppose.

Cheese making seems to be getting easier. Learning a lot as we go. Finding that patience is very important, since the cheese needs to age a certain length of time before it tastes just right.

Miss Emily went to her first 4th of July fireworks last weekend. I was worried that the loud booms would scare her, but she just sat there laughing and squealing at them. She thought they were great!

Just got a new catalog from Gooseberry Patch. Shame on them for sending such a tempting thing! ;) I did, however, place an order yesterday... Their cookbooks are addictive. Such good recipes in them!

I'm off now to finish up the packing for Saturday's farm market in Marietta. Probably will mow the yard this evening, since the rain we've had did the grass some good.
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