Friday, July 25, 2008

Heritage Days

The smell of food, the sound of music and folks square dancing in the middle of the street. It must be festival time in our small town.

Nothing like taco in a bag, the sound of the fiddle and a voice calling out to the dancers.

Seeing the townspeople sitting around and visiting is just fun!

It's amazing, I've only lived in this area now going on eight years, but I think I actually know more of the locals here than I did in my hometown.

Emily really got into the music and dancing. Before the night was over, she was out there shaking it with the best of them! Of course we had to tone her down a bit when she felt the need to show a little "princess pull-up".

Tomorrow is the car show, hoping to make it to that. I'll see how soon I make it back from the farm market, and how much hay Al gets done.

I've been having some fun hitting some of the local yard sales. Nothing like finding some good bargains. Finally found 6 (count em!!!) matching chairs for our nice table we were given last summer. They actually look the same!! I don't think I've ever had chairs that were the same. Woohoo! I just have to have at least one holiday dinner here at our house this year, just to show off the chairs!

Was so excited to find a soup tureen. Never thought I would need one, never really knew what it was called until one of my GLU sisters told me. It was unique and caught my eye. I'm sure I'll use it too. I just love using that kind of stuff on a regular basis for my family. No sense saving it for a "special" occasion, since every day I am blessed to sit down with my husband and daughter, I see that as special.

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Anonymous said...

The festival sounds wonderful! I love small town festivals. I can hear those fiddles now...

I just love that soup tureen too! I like the way you think, I don't like just saving serrving pieces for special occasions, beside I think family is a precious and special occasion.

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