Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy summer..

It's been a busy summer, but still don't feel like we've actually accomplished much.
We're halfway through 1st cutting of hay. We should be done with it right now, but rain and
breakdowns have slowed us up.

We've been making about 2 batches of cheese each week, trying for about 7-8 batches a month.
I'm finding that we need to make A LOT to keep up with the demand. Good problem to have I suppose.

Cheese making seems to be getting easier. Learning a lot as we go. Finding that patience is very important, since the cheese needs to age a certain length of time before it tastes just right.

Miss Emily went to her first 4th of July fireworks last weekend. I was worried that the loud booms would scare her, but she just sat there laughing and squealing at them. She thought they were great!

Just got a new catalog from Gooseberry Patch. Shame on them for sending such a tempting thing! ;) I did, however, place an order yesterday... Their cookbooks are addictive. Such good recipes in them!

I'm off now to finish up the packing for Saturday's farm market in Marietta. Probably will mow the yard this evening, since the rain we've had did the grass some good.


Terri and Bob said...

Good morning, Renae!

I left you an award on my site! Come and get it!

Tom & Judy said...

Hi Renae!

It's been a long time, but I wanted to post to say hi! I hope your family had a wonderful 4th!

Judy P.

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