Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quiet time

It's quiet here. A rare thing!

Al is in the field trying to salvage some hay that was cut almost a week ago. It may do for bedding for our heifers. Emily is napping on the couch. She needed a good nap, she's been grumpy today.

We tried playing outside earlier, but she was just too tired, and it is HOT out today.

I should be doing some laundry, and getting something for dinner right now. But, I just enjoyed a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream instead. I think I picked something better to do!

We had a late late night last night. Had to (unexpectedly) process a cow, in a lightning storm, with 2 young'uns asking tons of questions. We appreciated the help of some good neighbors.
We have a freezer full of some good beef for the coming year.

Emily had fun playing with the neighbors little boy. I get a kick out of watching her joining in the fun with others. He's just as ornery as she is, and I think he asks more questions (if possible) than her!

We did make it to the car show, it had about 24 cars. Nice ones, though. But they sure do have it at the hottest time of year, at the hottest time of day in the sun. We walked through quickly.
Had lunch at our wonderful local restaurant owned by neighbors. Of course by this time Miss Emily was way past her nap time, and was a little bear. Something about getting too tired anymore is making her really grouchy. Guess we can't skip that afternoon nap!

Not much going on in town today for the festival. I think the firehouse is serving Chicken and Ribs through this afternoon. Makes a nice dinner.

Now, I'm off to actually do something productive. Not sure what just yet, but I'm sure I won't have to think too hard to find something to get into.

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