Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Back to School" Countdown

Why do I hear "The Final Countdown" music playing?

So, we take Miss Emily up to the school today to meet Mrs. Hendershot, her Kindgergarten teacher...we had to practice saying Mrs. and not Mr. We also had to answer the question, "what's the difference?"

Mrs. Hendershot is a really nice lady, and it turns out that we've met her son and husband, as they've been here at our farm before buying some cheese, usually around holiday time.  Emily did great, marched through the office doors..down the hall, and to her classroom. Then we walked into the classroom. My child went from a confident little girl, to an unusual growth on my leg.  We had to literally pry her off!

The funny part is, back in March when we took her up for registration, she cried when we had to leave, she had that much fun. I'm having some really scary visions of our first day of school. She's already stated that she wants to ride the bus. Wonder if she will be getting on of her own free will? Hoping that she warms back up to the idea of school by the 30th. Fingers and toes are crossed.

I've also broke out the camera today. Well, I should admit, I actually found it. It's amazing that I lost it in the first place. I don't know how I do it, but I lose things. All the time. And forget stuff. How early does a persons mind go wandering??

We've found ourselves "blessed" with about a dozen cats. They are cute. So, I took a few pictures of the littlest one. I call her "Chubby". She is very chubby.

Emily snuggling with "Chubby's" sister. We haven't named her yet. And I doubt that
 "Chubby" will remain the other cats name...but it is sticking for now.

I took this picture of one of our "dry cows" the day before she
had her baby heifer.

A baby heifer with her Mama. She is about
2 days old in this picture.

I just can't leave out my "feathered girls". They are so tame, that the white hen
actually came in the house...more than once!

I am off to make something for our lunch tomorrow.
 We are making cheese tomorrow and I like to have our lunch made ahead of time. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Antique Shopping

I really love stopping by antique shops, junk shops, thrift stores and yard sales. You can really find some treasure at these places! Emily says that we go on a "treasure hunt" when we go.

Yesterday, after Emily and I took some time to rest and feel a little bit better, and Al made it in from morning chores, we decided to go for a ride. You can only watch so many cartoons.  I suggested we go to the Barnesville Antique mall.  There are 3 floors in this store. All crammed packed with old stuff. Mostly glassware. Really, expensive, delicate glassware. And yes, we took Emily into this store. She did great. We did not end up buying anything that was broken...whew! And she loves looking at the different colors of glassware. The depression glass was a real favorite of hers. 

We found a couple of old De Laval signs. De Laval is a company that handles milking supplies, and has for years.  The signs are collectible.  We have one already that is in our cheese house, but it's always tempting to pick up one or two more! :) We didn't...but, I did tuck one away, just in case I want to go back and pick it up. 

I did take some pictures, though they are not the best. I forgot to take my camera. What was I thinking??? But, I did remember that my phone has a camera. So, I pulled it out and took a few pics!

Emily standing in front of the rack full of doll babies.
She would've bought them all, I'm sure!

The enamelware is something I really like.
I bought a large, yellow stock pot at a flea market for $8.00, found the
exact same one here at the antique mall for $24.00. I did good!

Glass, glass and more glass. And my daughter right there close to it!
She was interested in the old baby buggies and cradles

Odd N End stuff. I could've taken hundreds of
pictures of racks full of beautiful treasures!

I've also recently been doing a little "treasure hunting" at the Goodwill in Marietta. It's amazing what you can find there. A lot of stuff I pick up there for a song, I seen at the antique mall for quite a bit! I may have to brush up on my knowledge of what is collectible and valuable. Who knows what I may run across!

I found this platter at Goodwill for about $1.00. It's really
heavy and beautiful! Can't wait to use it this Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Since we've done a small antique mall with Emily, and found that we won't break everything in sight, our next antique stop will be the River Front Antique Mall in New Philadelphia, Ohio. If you have a chance to go there, it is an amazing antique mall. It can take hours to look through it all. And, the last time we went they had a little food stand to get a bite to eat and rest your feet!

Talking about Antiques just reminded me...there is 2 new episodes of Pawn Stars on tonight.
I love seeing what old stuff (or fake stuff) people bring into this shop.

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning for us is usually busy. Morning chores, getting showers, breakfast, rushing around getting ready for church.
That was my plan for this Sunday too, but Miss Emily was up most of the night with a fever and cough. I'm not feeling the best either, but I'm mom, so I am "grinning and bearing it". 
I actually feel rested this morning. Emily and I stayed in bed longer than usual. She brought some balloons that she was given into the bedroom, and we had a "sick day" party.  That involved making the balloons float above the air conditioner, throwing them around the room, and finally putting stickers on them. We also watched more episodes of Dora, Backyardigans and Max & Ruby than I can count. 

Earlier this week I picked out one cookbook to make my grocery list by, and also made my "Recipes to Try" list. I LOVE doing this.  Yesterday after coming home from the Marietta market, we loaded up in the van and went for groceries.  So, I'm anxious to pick out one of the recipes on my list to make for lunch. I'll be sure to take some pictures and post the recipe.

Our nephew, Martin went home yesterday. He was here for 2 weeks. We miss him, but we're so excited for him to be heading to college in another week! He is an awesome kid!

Not too much exciting really happening around the farm. This time of year is pretty much the usual work stuff. Al is trying to get the last hayfield baled for 1st cutting. We are so very late getting that done. But, the stuff looks to be pretty decent regardless.  After he finishes that field, we'll be starting on our 1st hayfield again for 2nd cutting. It's pretty much ready to go. Lots of 1st cutting hay bales need to be brought in to the barn before we can get 2nd cutting to far underway.  Hoping to get our pastures mowed before fall also. 

We'll be making a batch of cheese this Wednesday. We're making consistently, though, not as frequently as we had planned.  I should know better than to plan our schedule in March! I always say that our schedule is subject to change, and it usually does change!

I think Emily and I will mosey down to the barn, check on things there. Then make some lunch and maybe get some rest this afternoon. It's been a long time since we've taken a "slow day".  I think we'll enjoy it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Cookbook!!

Gooseberry Patch sent me an email awhile back that was a survey. And those who fill out the survey would be placed in a random drawing. 

I was one of the random winners! So excited! It's one of the fall cookbooks, and let me tell ya, after all this heat and humidity this summer, I am read for FALL!!

The one problem....I can't wait to make some of the yummy recipes, but my kitchen just today was near 90 degrees. I am not turning my oven or stove on. Not at all.
I also need to go through the book, and this is my favorite part, make a grocery list and a recipe list and plan my meals. I love grocery shopping. I just hate being on a very fixed income. I could have so much fun in a grocery store with an endless amount of $$. I know...who wouldn't have fun with endless $$? haha!

Now, I am patiently waiting, well, not patiently, but waiting anyway, for the newest GBP cookbooks to arrive at our local gift shops. They say it will be next month or October. That seems like too long to me.

I've noticed some fall/autumn themed items showing up slowly at the farm markets. My friend Marge just made the cutest fall apron. It will be hard not to buy it! I've seen some really cute table runners that a lady made, several fall patterns from fall leaves to Halloween. I'm  hoping to remember my camera this Friday and Saturday to I can get some pictures! I'm always amazed at the unique and beautiful things that are made here locally!

Emily received her letter this last week from her Kindergarten teacher.  We go for a school visit on the 19th. Emily is able to take most of her school supplies on that morning, and we all get to meet her teacher and see the classroom. Emily is determined to ride the bus the first day, and she'll do fine, but will I????  We know her bus driver, in fact we go to church with his wife.  We went to Wal-Mart the other evening. She picked out her Tinker Bell back pack, which I was afraid would cost a bit, ended up it was on clearance for $3. She said she saw the red sticker on it and new it was on sale. That's my girl!! Bargain shopper from the get go!

I am off for now...we have a really busy week ahead! Tomorrow I'm off to Marietta for some diabetic lab work...I do hope the poor girl can get a vein this time..both of my arms were black and blue last time. Yikes!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August? Already?

Where did the time go? I just don't feel like August should be here yet. I'm not ready! I don't mind that fall is getting closer. I enjoy fall and the cooler temps. But Emily will be going to Kindergarten at the end of this month, and I am not ready for that!!! She should not be 5 yet, either.

She's hyped about school. We went and got her supplies the other evening. She thought that was just the greatest thing to do. The hard part right now is keeping her out of it. She had her booster shots done last week. That was a lot of fun. :-P  We had to hold her down. She was pretty grumpy after that. Until I surprised her with a Polly Pocket doll. I had to do that for her to make me feel better!

Our nephew, Martin is spending a couple of weeks with us. He goes to college this fall. Again, where did the time go?!? Emily thinks its great to have him here...I'm sure he enjoys playing with My Little Ponies and dolls.. haha! I'll have to get a pic of that!

Our summer has been spent on the go! Maybe that is why it is going so fast. I've been doing 2 farm markets this summer and that seems to go well. It's a wonderful chance to talk with others about what we do and that we care about what we do and our animals. 

Our milk tank went kaput at the beginning of July. So we found a new (new to us, anyway) one, it was made in 1973. That's new compared to our old one, it was made in 1957. I guess 53 years for a bulk tank is good!  Getting our old one out of the milk house, and the new one in required us to tear part of the wall out of the milk house. Once the tank was in, the hard job was getting that big tank level. It took close to 6 hours or so. The new tank is cooling so well! Our tank holds 500 gallons of milk. Our milk hauler picks our milk up every other night.  So, each milking the girls give us approx. 125 gallons of milk during the spring and summer months. 

Al was supposed to get some hay baled that was cut and raked. Unfortunately, the rain that the weatherman said wouldn't be in until this evening decided to come in this morning. So, off to run errands instead. Plus, fix the tire on our milk wagon that we haul our milk to the cheese house with. Hoping that we can get it fixed without trouble today, because we are going to be making a batch of Hill Folk Jersey tomorrow.

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