Monday, August 16, 2010

Antique Shopping

I really love stopping by antique shops, junk shops, thrift stores and yard sales. You can really find some treasure at these places! Emily says that we go on a "treasure hunt" when we go.

Yesterday, after Emily and I took some time to rest and feel a little bit better, and Al made it in from morning chores, we decided to go for a ride. You can only watch so many cartoons.  I suggested we go to the Barnesville Antique mall.  There are 3 floors in this store. All crammed packed with old stuff. Mostly glassware. Really, expensive, delicate glassware. And yes, we took Emily into this store. She did great. We did not end up buying anything that was broken...whew! And she loves looking at the different colors of glassware. The depression glass was a real favorite of hers. 

We found a couple of old De Laval signs. De Laval is a company that handles milking supplies, and has for years.  The signs are collectible.  We have one already that is in our cheese house, but it's always tempting to pick up one or two more! :) We didn't...but, I did tuck one away, just in case I want to go back and pick it up. 

I did take some pictures, though they are not the best. I forgot to take my camera. What was I thinking??? But, I did remember that my phone has a camera. So, I pulled it out and took a few pics!

Emily standing in front of the rack full of doll babies.
She would've bought them all, I'm sure!

The enamelware is something I really like.
I bought a large, yellow stock pot at a flea market for $8.00, found the
exact same one here at the antique mall for $24.00. I did good!

Glass, glass and more glass. And my daughter right there close to it!
She was interested in the old baby buggies and cradles

Odd N End stuff. I could've taken hundreds of
pictures of racks full of beautiful treasures!

I've also recently been doing a little "treasure hunting" at the Goodwill in Marietta. It's amazing what you can find there. A lot of stuff I pick up there for a song, I seen at the antique mall for quite a bit! I may have to brush up on my knowledge of what is collectible and valuable. Who knows what I may run across!

I found this platter at Goodwill for about $1.00. It's really
heavy and beautiful! Can't wait to use it this Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Since we've done a small antique mall with Emily, and found that we won't break everything in sight, our next antique stop will be the River Front Antique Mall in New Philadelphia, Ohio. If you have a chance to go there, it is an amazing antique mall. It can take hours to look through it all. And, the last time we went they had a little food stand to get a bite to eat and rest your feet!

Talking about Antiques just reminded me...there is 2 new episodes of Pawn Stars on tonight.
I love seeing what old stuff (or fake stuff) people bring into this shop.

Have a great week!


Mardell said...

Oh girl, I want to go antiquing with you! I love Pawn Stars and American Pickers. I used to watch Antique Road Show on PBS too. Not sure if that's still on. It was a good way to learn about treasures.

I love enamelware. I have a huge stockpot that was *free* at an estate sale this summer. It looks like it could hold 5 gallons, I swear. It doesn't even look like it's ever been used.

Your turkey platter is lovely. You just don't see them like that anymore. Show me an antique anyday over something new! ♥

Real Life Reslers said...

My hubby LOVES pawn stars! I love going to stores and seeing all that old "stuff". Has your little one started school yet?

Angie Berry said...

I LOVE antique shopping too! I find things cheaper at flea markets also but I love to go browsing through antique malls.

My husband is addicted to Pawn Stars, even watches it on the computer. I've yet to watch an episode of it. I guess I need to see what the fuss is all about. Haha!

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