Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August? Already?

Where did the time go? I just don't feel like August should be here yet. I'm not ready! I don't mind that fall is getting closer. I enjoy fall and the cooler temps. But Emily will be going to Kindergarten at the end of this month, and I am not ready for that!!! She should not be 5 yet, either.

She's hyped about school. We went and got her supplies the other evening. She thought that was just the greatest thing to do. The hard part right now is keeping her out of it. She had her booster shots done last week. That was a lot of fun. :-P  We had to hold her down. She was pretty grumpy after that. Until I surprised her with a Polly Pocket doll. I had to do that for her to make me feel better!

Our nephew, Martin is spending a couple of weeks with us. He goes to college this fall. Again, where did the time go?!? Emily thinks its great to have him here...I'm sure he enjoys playing with My Little Ponies and dolls.. haha! I'll have to get a pic of that!

Our summer has been spent on the go! Maybe that is why it is going so fast. I've been doing 2 farm markets this summer and that seems to go well. It's a wonderful chance to talk with others about what we do and that we care about what we do and our animals. 

Our milk tank went kaput at the beginning of July. So we found a new (new to us, anyway) one, it was made in 1973. That's new compared to our old one, it was made in 1957. I guess 53 years for a bulk tank is good!  Getting our old one out of the milk house, and the new one in required us to tear part of the wall out of the milk house. Once the tank was in, the hard job was getting that big tank level. It took close to 6 hours or so. The new tank is cooling so well! Our tank holds 500 gallons of milk. Our milk hauler picks our milk up every other night.  So, each milking the girls give us approx. 125 gallons of milk during the spring and summer months. 

Al was supposed to get some hay baled that was cut and raked. Unfortunately, the rain that the weatherman said wouldn't be in until this evening decided to come in this morning. So, off to run errands instead. Plus, fix the tire on our milk wagon that we haul our milk to the cheese house with. Hoping that we can get it fixed without trouble today, because we are going to be making a batch of Hill Folk Jersey tomorrow.


Angie Berry said...

Yes, our summer is flying by so quick! My little one is starting Pre-Kindergarten and I'm just not ready for him although he is more than ready! So I understand.

Mardell said...

Hi Renae,
Wow, little Miss Em is going to school! EEk! Boy, are you going to notice a big change in her ~ good, of course. She's really going to grow up now. Is school all day? It is here. William had a nap rug for rest time. The teacher turns off the lights & they can either read or close their eyes. So cute.

Real Life Reslers said...

phew you are BUSY! I bet your daughter is so excited for kindergarten! Fun times!

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