Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update for the Week

A little this, and a lot of that. 

I think we've managed to do a little of everything this week. Accomplished some, still a lot left to do.

Al has managed to get 1st cutting of hay started. We are late this year. Thank goodness we have over 200 bales of hay left from last year, and in really good condition. Looks like it's just been baled.  My job while he is cutting, raking and baling hay is to make sure he has plenty of water.  It's been hot here in southeastern Ohio, and the humidity is miserable. Very important to keep him going! Emily thinks that driving in our hayfields with the truck is great. So does Annie, our beagle.  We had some hay cut and raked when a heavy, unpredicted, rain popped up. The rain was so heavy, that it flooded parts of our road, and the lane that our cows walk on to get to their paddocks.  So, Al went back and tedded the hay out, or spread it out so it would dry and not kill the grass growing underneath.  He'll be raking and baling tomorrow. Cutting more on Monday.  We have 2 more hayfields to go after this one. 

This is normally a small, quiet stream. A culvert pipe runs under the
lane, but after a heavy rain, it flooded our valley. Guess we had our own river!

Emily had a full week of VBS (Vacation Bible School). She loved it! The theme was Bar None Ranch, so there was a lot of little cowgirls and cowboys moseying around the church each evening.  Her first night, she won a HUGE cowboy hat. It looked so cute, but she didn't agree. I did manage to get a picture.  She also announced that she made a new friend on the second night. I asked what the little girls name was. She said "I don't know."  Hmm..we may have to work on remembering names when making friends!

The rain has done some good, even if it may be a bit much at once. My herbs are going crazy! I've snipped off a few and used in a couple of recipes. Very yummy! I've added 3 more herbs to my little collection. I found some pineapple mint, lemon thyme and lemon balm. I love the different fragrances they each have.  I'm having a lot of fun with these!

chocolate mint

lemon balm

pineapple mint

I made it to both farm markets this week. I enjoy visiting with everyone. I was able to take 3 varieties of cheese, Hill Folk Jersey, Boeren Kaas Gouda and Jersey Emment.  Looking forward to July, our Summer Swiss will be ready, and I'm anxious to sample it. It is our new cheese of the year. 

I think that I will take tomorrow to slow down a bit, catch up on laundry and dishes. It's amazing how that stuff can pile up in just 2 days of doing farm markets!

For tonight, I'm looking forward to opening up some windows and the back door in our living room, turn some fans on and sit back and watch some of the Barrett-Jackson car auction and Speed channel. I love seeing some of those old classic cars restored. It's amazing how much they can bring, too!


Real Life Reslers said...

Wow! You have been BUSY! My hubby loves the Barrett Jackson show. We always try to guess what the final prices will be before they come up

Melinda said...

We've had so much rain here in Iowa that we are really far behind in haying. Looks like a sunny week though - and everybody's busy! VBS sure looks fun - that hat is way cool!

Angie Berry said...

You have such beautiful country where you live! You all are so blessed... but I'm sure you already knew that.

Emily sure is a cutie, especially in her straw hat!

Your herbs are looking wonderful! Pineapple mint.. interesting!

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