Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where did September go???

I can't believe that tomorrow is October! I'm excited! I really like the month of October. Fall is officially here, the leaves are starting to show their colors! Our anniversary is tomorrow. It's been 10 years! Al's birthday is October 4, and my birthday is October 8. On October 10, Emily and I will be traveling to my dad's to visit with him. That week will also be the Fairfield Co. Fair, and we will be going to that while we are there.

A lot of stuff going on around here this past month.

Emily is loving school! They had "picture day" yesterday, and I'm anxious to see her pictures! Along with her class picture...I may be able to put faces to the names that she chats about when she comes home. 

I have also taken on a part time job, outside of the farming and cheese business. We're still doing what we've always done...just in this economy a part time job may add a little more income and we won't have to worry so much this winter about groceries and utilities.  I'm working at our local diner, Beallsville Diner, which in my opinion is the best place in our area to eat! I have been trained as short order cook, but am going to be trained in everything... so that I can help out wherever I'm needed. I have to say, short order cook is not easy! On a busy lunch, dinner or football Friday night, it makes milking cows look easy!  I really enjoy working there, especially since I'm actually getting the hang of what I'm supposed to be doing. During the first week there, I felt totally lost!! :)  I'm thankful that the folks I work for are working with me on my Saturdays, and I'm able to make it to the farm market and sell cheese. 

I received a letter in the mail on Tuesday! It was from Gooseberry Patch!! In January I will be receiving their newest cookbook because they used one of my recipes! I'm so excited! Al doesn't mind my collecting cookbooks when I get a few that feature one of my recipes in it! Although...I have to admit, the size of my cookbook collection is getting a bit much! But, I don't think I could part with the, and I do make use of them.

That pretty much sums up our September so far...
Our weather is really feeling like fall, today it is rainy and cool. Perfect!! And I smell coffee, so I think I'll grab myself a cup of coffee, with pumpkin flavored creamer and then head in to work.

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Angie Berry said...

Wow, October is a busy month for you! Congratulations on being published again! That is so awesome! Best wishes on your new job, I hope it all goes well for you. Sounds like you are enjoying it, that's good.

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