Thursday, February 3, 2011

Perfect Attendance!

So far this school year, Miss Emily has had perfect attendance! We're really proud of her! She also received her report card, and in Kindergarten, the grade with 1, 2 or 3's. 1 being the best. She received mostly 1's! :)

I'm planning on taking a day with her, treat her to lunch and possibly a visit to Goodwill. I'm looking forward to this!

She will also have a pizza party with the principal and the other kids who haven't missed. She's really excited about the pizza!


Mardell said...

Congratulations Miss Emily!! :o) Very proud of you! I had quite a few yrs. of perfect attendence when I was in grade school. Back then they only gave us a certificate. You're getting the much deserved royal treatment!

Melinda said...

Now that's my kind of girl - one who thinks that a trip to goodwill is a treat! She would fit in just fine here! :)

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