Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer is Winding Down

Where did our summer go?

I think most of our summer was spent dodging raindrops here in Ohio. Our road flooded over more times just this summer than I remember it flooding in the past 13 years I have lived here. Our basement also had some flooding. Not fun.

School starts on the 27th, and we will have a 3rd grader on our hands. 8 going on 18. I always hate to see the school year start, I get so used to having her home all day. She's becoming such a big help with our chores around the farm. She feeds the babies their milk, feeds the horses, helps daddy with fixing fence and water lines. She loves being out there with the animals.

We're still working on 1st cutting of hay. It is getting so late for this, but it's hard to get it done when it rains. I think we'll have quite a few bales, enough to get through the winter, but it would be nice to have 1st cutting done early enough to squeeze in some 2nd cutting.

As the summer winds down, we're looking forward to the coming of Fall. Hoping for a little slow down time. Al will be going in for surgery sometime this fall, after hay is made, and when his dr. says he has to go in. We're hoping it is just an out-patient thing. I will be planning on doing the chores while he recovers.

I'll be announcing the winner to the GBP cookbook review tomorrow, and I will be posting a new review/giveaway this coming week, so stop back! :)

Our lilies did really well this year. The extra rain seems to agree with them. :)

Our newest furbaby was added to our family this summer. Miss Bella.
And despite the crazy wet summer, I did manage to squeeze some time in with my buddy, Rocky.

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