Friday, February 29, 2008

Snow Day!

The weather called for maybe an looks like we have about 3-4 inches so far and it's still coming down. Looks nice, especially since I don't have to get in our van and go anywhere.

I need to bundle Miss Emily up and make our way up the hill to the cheese house and get some stuff that I need at the house. Since our van won't make the hill climb, we'll walk, slide or just mosey. Her wooden sled should come in handy to carry the stuff, hope the sled doesn't get away from me since on the way down the hill it will be carrying some expensive glass. A Lactometer, glass bottles, pipettes and some other misc. stuff. All for running tests on our milk samples that we took this morning. We do this once a month. Also check to see how much milk each cow is approx. giving us.

I've been working on getting a brochure made up to send in to the American Jersey Cattle Assoc. Still can't seem to get it right. Will try to get that accomplished today.

Was planning on going to the farmer's market tomorrow in Marietta Ohio to sell some cheese, but it looks like the weather will be keeping me home. It takes me just over an hour to get there, and I don't like to get their by sliding.

So, thanks to the snow, it's going to be a slow, lazy (sort of) day.

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