Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Fall Walk

Yesterday evening Emily and I took a nice fall walk. The air smelled just like fall, the beautiful goldenrod were in full bloom, and now Emily is sick today with allergies! Guess that is what happens when you walk right through the goldenrod patch. I never had too much trouble with them, so didn't think about little Em having allergies to them. Now I know!!

We were supposed to make a batch of cheese today, but we didn't get any sleep last night. If Emily don't feel well and can't sleep, she will see to it that the rest of us is up too! Of course today, despite feeling under the weather, she is quite chipper. Ugh! Wish I was.

So, instead of making cheese, I've been working on signs and printing out recipes for the Pumpkin festival next week. I'm getting excited about it! I'll take this afternoon and tomorrow to make sure I have enough cheese cut up for this coming Saturday in Marietta, and then next week starting Sunday evening or Monday, I'll start packing like crazy for that weekend.

I'm actually pretty proud of my signs. I used the computer mostly because I know if I make signs free hand, it would be better to just have Emily make them for me! I'll get some pictures up of those soon.

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