Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Done for the winter

We've finally finished our cheese making for the year! An amazing accomplishment for us.
Now, to drum up some business with a sluggish economy!

Now our focus is getting the cheese house cleaned up completely for next spring, advertise for the upcoming holiday season (which by the way, we are having some special pricing, visit our website if interested! www.buckeyegrovefarmcheese.com ), and making sure our cows are nice and comfy for the winter.

Our daily chores will include hauling a lot of sawdust that thankfully a local pallet wood shop lets us have just to keep their shop cleaned out, making sure the cows have plenty of hay to keep their bellies full, hauling some manure when the weather allows, and we'll need to get a few more loads of firewood from our hayfield fence rows. Plenty of trees fall when a storm blows through.

We had our first good snow last night. Almost 2 inches! We stayed outside for a little bit last night and played in it. Emily had a blast! She seems to find the fun and excitement in just about anything we do.

I've had to change my eating habits lately, I've found that I'm diabetic. So, I will work on posting a few good recipes that I've tried so far. It's actually fun to try new recipes! Not fun having to watch how much sugar I eat though....
It's amazing what a serving size REALLY is. Much smaller than what you will get in a restaurant! I may lose some of these pesky pounds that have found me!

I started some of my Christmas baking (not for me though!). I'm making the cookies and bars ahead of time and freezing them. I keep saying that I will do this each year, and never have. So this year is the year! Hoping that it makes getting the cookie trays ready much easier when it gets closer to Christmas.

Well, now I am off to get a little one ready for bed, get a few odd and end things done, and hopefully get to bed soon! I'm tired tonight.

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Domestic Goddess said...

Sounds like a very productive time! Wish you all the best!

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