Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Day at the Farm Market

I had a really good day at the farm market. And not just in sales, although they were very good due to Thanksgiving coming up, but in so many other ways.

I have so many customers that come in every week, and never fail will buy at least one pack of cheese, and they usually have a kind word and respect for the work that us vendors do to be there each week. My regular customers have become more like friends to me, over time I learn about their lives, and who they are. I have one customer, and I honestly never did know his name, and he would come in each week and buy the same size pack of the same type of cheese. Well, he hasn't been in since last spring, and I've been keeping an eye out for him, but worry since he was an older man, and hoping that his health is not keeping him away, or worse. Makes me wish I had his name...

There is another customer, she is in her mid-seventies, and she spent her life running in marathons worldwide. Still does some too... She always has such an amazing personality when she comes in, always very chatty and never holds still for a minute. She also does ballroom dancing with her grandson. I sure do hope that I am that active when I reach that age. Although, I don't suppose marathon running is something in my future, but hey, who knows about that dancing! ;)

There is a vendor who I feel especially fond of. She is so easy for me to chat with, we seem to feel the same about most things, and our views are very similar. She makes the prettiest aprons, I've bought a few from her, especially for the apron swaps that I participate in. I'm unsure of sewing myself, but I know I can always count on her aprons to be top notch!

I have a lot of heavy coolers to lug into the building each week, but I rarely ever have to carry them. There is usually someone right there ready to help.

Today we had a bean and cornbread lunch. The president of the market and some others cooked beans over an open fire in a large pot. It was delicious! Along with Christmas music playing and all the holiday crafts gave the place a nice feel!

I was given some "bruised" apples from the folks who sell apples and cider. The apples look really good to me! I'm going to make something for Thanksgiving with them. A customer gave me a jar of Apple-Orange Spice, it is like apple butter. Yum!!

I guess going to the farm market sometimes helps me feel pretty good about folks!
No matter how much nasty stuff you hear on the news, amazingly there are still some good people out there.

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~Kristen~ said...

Our farm market sounds so wonderful! What a great way to spend a day...fresh air, wholesome food, but most importantly, good friends!!!

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