Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall is (Almost) Here!

As much as I LOVE summer, I do look forward to the coziness of Fall!
There are so many things about fall that I love!

~Pumpkins! I love the bright, cheery orange!

~Fall leaves, orange, red, yellow, brown!

~Making a scarecrow, and decorating for fall!

~Ohio State Football (or basically ANY football in our house), but since Al is an OSU alumni, our Saturday's are all OSU!!!

~~~I also LOVE wearing sweaters and sweatshirts when the weather is cool!

~~~Cooking and Baking comfort foods! We love Pumpkin Bread, Potato Soup, Chili, yummy casseroles, & homemade bread!

~~~Putting out our fall candles, such yummy smells, such as Apple Crisp, Brown Sugar and Berries, Oatmeal cookies, Vanilla, Caramel Apple. Makes me hungry for dessert!!

~~~ Sweet smell of the fall air. Reminds me of maple syrup.

~~~Butternut squash, baked with brown sugar and butter...mmmmm...

~~~Our very own Barnesville Pumpkin Festival. Lots of food and fun! Plus, a gigantic pumpkin!

I'm looking forward to the fall season. I do feel a little sad this time of year, though. I have noticed that our barn swallows, who take up housekeeping in our barns during the summer months, are already gone for the year. I'll be gathering up all the summer stuff out of the yard, to clean it up for the winter, summer is always a lot of fun for Emily, playing in her sandbox, wading pool and with her bikes.

We're finishing up 2nd cutting of hay, so haymaking is winding down for the year. Thankfully, we will have some good hay to get us through the winter.

Mid to late October, cheesemaking will wind down for the winter. That gives me time to focus on doing orders and getting gift baskets ready for the holiday season.

Today, I am doing some "fall cleaning" of the house, getting things organized and tidied so that when we are all tucked in when it's cold outside, it will be a nice, welcoming place for us to spend our winter months.

Happy Fall!!!

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Jenny said...'re getting ready to nest for the winter! I love fall, too!

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