Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blustery Day!!

We took a fall walk the other day. Enjoyed having a sunny, somewhat warm day to go for our adventure. I took some pictures as we went. Wanted to make sure I captured some of the fall color before the rains and winds knock the leaves down.

Al and Emily walking on our newly made paths through on of our woods.

Emily showing off how strong she is by lifting
a branch.

The red tree in the background is always one
of our first trees to show color. On top of that hill is
one of my favorite places on the farm.

It is cold, rainy and windy. It's the perfect fall day! Well, if you enjoy a day staying in the house, keeping warm and sipping on some Pumpkin Coffee. YUM! Needed to make a batch of cheese today, but we don't like to make if it is so cold in the mornings, and it was in the low 30's here. We need to try to keep that milk fairly warm on the trip up the hill to the cheese house so that we can get the batch started at a reasonable time. It's also a challenge to keep the cheese house warm during the make if it is cold outside.
Today will be my day to work on tidying up the house, doing some laundry, dishes and will sort some toys later. Also working on Christmas cards, I like to get that done early. Then I will need to find a good recipe to include with the cards.
A group from our county extension office stopped by on Monday for a visit. It was a group of 6 folks, but for me, speaking to a group of more than 1 (lol) is a challenge!! I think I managed pretty good, and sounded slightly intelligent! It still amazes me how much I have learned in the past 2 years about making cheese and the science behind it. Yes, it's actually been 2 years since we have officially taken over the business.
I have a customer coming by this afternoon. Not sure of the time, just know it will be before 5. We're very encouraged by the local interest. I thank the owners of our local diner for spreading the word about us. The Beallsville Diner has been wonderful about passing out the Discover Ohio Cheese booklets. So, if you are ever in our neck of the woods, and need a great place to get a bite to eat, that is the place!
Starting November 1st, we will be doing something special for our cheese buyers, keep an eye on here, or our website or on our page at Facebook. We'll post complete details. This will be something for all of our retail customers that buy online, at the farm or at the farm market.
Now I'm off to go get something put together for our lunch. I'm going with a perfect comfort food lunch! Will post a recipe for it later today!
Keep warm and dry today!


Mardell said...

Hi Renae!
Ohio sure is pretty this time of year. It's quite cold here in NY as well. As I type this, it's 53° in the house. My fingers are freezing. Haven't bit the bullet YET & turned on the furnace. Eeek. I can't believe it's been 2 yrs. since you've been making cheese. Where has the time gone? Wow. You're doing a wonderful job I might add! :o) I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
Sending hugs ~

Jenny said...

Wow, that is one strong little girl....lifting branches like it's nothing. Those doctors were really dumb a while back. I'm glad your mind is put to rest wit that all. So, Renae, do you make raw milk cheese?

Renae said...

Mardell~ I just bookmarked your blog, how did I miss it!? I Love It!! :)

Jenny~ Yes, the cheese we make is all made from raw milk. We are one of the few that makes it without pasteurization. The state does require it to be aged at least 60 days. We take it on up to about 3-4 months before we start cutting and selling it, a much better flavor and texture that way.
Emily is doing really well growing and is very strong. I'm so glad I didn't go along with all the tests that the drs. wanted us to put her through. Mama's instinct sometimes has a lot to be considered. She's grown almost 3 1/2 inches since March.

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