Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's October!!

October is here! And fall is really here, we had 36 degrees last night! Brrr... Looks like it's time to start bringing in some firewood.

9 years ago today Al and I were married. I can't believe the past nine years have gone by so quickly! We spent a nice day together. Didn't really do much, but enjoyed it! I made a rotisserie chicken, with some yummy sides, we then went to Wheeler's Pumpkin farm in Jerusalem, OH and let Emily pick out some pumpkins. She found two pumpkins and some gourds and a small little pumpkin with a face painted on. So cute! Thankfully, I remembered my camera! After that we went to our local diner and got some ice cream.

We also found that Ohio's Country Journal did an article on us! The interview was done a couple of months ago, but it is still exciting reading the article and seeing the pictures!

You can take a look at the article by clicking on this link:

Family picture taken by Kyle Sharp, of Ohio's Country Journal.

Daddy & Emily picking out the "perfect" pumpkin.

Found it!

Looking for another...

Emily had a lot of fun running in circles around the pumpkins.

Mommy & Emily

Love the orange! Such a nice fall color!

Bright colored gourds!

Funny Faces!

Emily posing with her

pumpkin friends!

Smile and say "pumpkin"!


Staci said...

Wow! What a great article! I know y'all must be proud. I loved reading about your journey...

Love the pumpkin patch pics - Emily is getting so big.

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary Renae. Steve and I will be 10 years in November. And Happy Birthday, too!

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