Monday, September 28, 2009

Almost October, Already???

September has come, and is almost over. Where did it go?? We'll be winding up most of our summer work soon. Haymaking is just about finished for the year, ended up with a good amount of hay to see us through the winter. Bringing firewood in will soon take the place of making hay. I feel so cozy knowing that we will have plenty of wood to see us through a few years or so. We'll be finished up with this years cheese making after October.
October 1 will be our 9th anniversary. I can't believe it's been 9 years already. Now where did time go?? Seems like the years are going by quickly. We've been truly blessed these past 9 years. A lot of hard and difficult times, but so many happy times. Looking forward to the years ahead of us together. Not sure what we will be doing on that day. A simple day together would be just fine with me. We did take today together. Ran some errands, but had lunch and walked through our favorite gift shop. Ok, probably more MY favorite than Al's, but we both seem to enjoy it. They do carry Ohio State stuff, so that helps!
Al's birthday is coming up on Sunday, I want to plan a special day. And my birthday is in the 8th. We keep it all close together!
The festival is over. We packed up yesterday around 5 p.m. It seemed to go fast. Enjoyed it very much! Sold quite a bit of cheese, chatted with some really wonderful customers, enjoyed visiting with the other vendors, and ate some really good food!
Overall, it has been a really great fall so far. Looking forward to enjoying October!

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