Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures from Cheese Make Day & Some Cows

I have some pictures! I'm making up for my post yesterday that didn't have pictures! Busy day today, but it doesn't seem like much of anything really got accomplished. I did clean out or refrigerator, which needed it badly!! I'm thankful for the glass shelves, I can scrub them so much easier. I did remember to take my camera with me when we went to get the cows in for evening milking. The light really wasn't the best, so I may try to get some more pictures in a little while as the sun goes down and the light gets softer.
We brought the baby calves in. Had a terrible time finding the baby bull calf. Mama hid it very good! Our other cow had a baby heifer. Mama's will be milked tomorrow evening. Babies will stay with them until then in a lot next to our barn.

Emily loves to help water the heifers in the evenings.
Emily helped us get the cows in for evening milking.

Butterfly on a thistle, so pretty!

Another butterfly.

And one more...I was on a roll with butterflies!

Baby heifer calf, just born last night.

Bull calf having his dinner.

Dinner time for the mama cows!

A117 with her bull calf

A11 with her heifer calf

Unwaxed cheese is flipped over everyday.
After waxed, it is flipped every 3 days.

Cheese cut into wedges is placed in
coolers for the farm market.

September 10 batch of Gouda floating in brine.

14 wheels (148 lbs) of Gouda,
wheeled into the cooler.

Gouda being pressed, 69 lbs. of weight at
the time this picture was taken.

Now I am off to make sure I have enough cheese packed for Saturday's market in Marietta and get things ready for making cheese tomorrow. Think we'll go for a batch of Hill Folk Jersey. Then I need to find a good Beef Stew recipe for our lunch tomorrow. Yum!!

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Anonymous said...

You should try for photo editing. Their is an auto fix button in the editting tab...this has been a life saver and my best friend. When I take pics of Natalie at Volleyball they turn out with this funky yellow color, but I auto fix them and it corrects the color...I love it. You can do a lot of other things with the website is free although you can subscribe and pay for premium services...I do not an love it just the same. I would love to come over for a visit sometime...Natalie has a long weekend coming up over Fair Week.

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