Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Goodness, It's almost Thanksgiving!

I can't beleive that November is already here! Where did October go? Where did the pretty leaves go already? Our trees are bare. We picked up our turkey for Thanksgiving the other day. Feels nice to already have it tucked in the freezer. Getting some ideas for sides, and wanting , still to get some Christmas goodies lined up. We're making cheese through this month, which we usually don't do. But, we are wanting to get some cheese stocked up to carry us through the winter until we make again in March. And since we've picked up a few new places, we may need this extra cheese.
Received a call about participating in an event in Barnesville, OH at the beginning of December. I will update with more information as it comes. So, if you are in the area, you can stop by!
Emily ended up with a good amount of candy for trick-or-treat last Saturday evening. She found a dinosaur costume at Goodwill about a month ago. We painted her face and got her all dressed up. She was a cute little dinosaur!

Emily all set to go get some candy!

Look at that cute little green face!
Emily's hamster, Princess, passed away this past weekend. Very sad day for us. :( Poor Emily took it hard, so we went to St. Clairsville to the pet store and found another Princess. My only worry is that she was living with a boy hamster, so there is a chance that we may see little ones. A hamster is only pregnant for 16-18 days. I did not know that. We won't have to wait long to see if babies are in our future. Thankfully, the pet store told us if she does have babies, that they will take them off of our hands. We'll deal with that when and if the time comes. Because I'm sure Emily will end up attached to them all.
While we were getting another hamster, we stopped at my favorite store of all time, as if you couldn't tell, Goodwill. I find so many goodies while I'm there. This time, Emily found a roller skate set, Barbie knee/elbow pads with the adjustable skates. She loves them! And she is really very good at staying on her feet. At least much better than I ever was!
Ready to roll!
For those who stop by the River City Farmer's Market in Marietta, our hours will be changed starting this Saturday! We'll be open 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Longer days for the holiday season! I'll be getting gift baskets ready and have them available at the market and taking orders.
Now, I'm off to get a few things done, I have about 4 batches of cheese that will be waxed tomorrow, plus getting some cut up for the market. Will have to make adjustments on how much I take with me with the longer market day.


Staci said...

Love Emily's costume and the Barbie skate set is just too stinkin adorable!

I wish I lived closer so I could stop by all of these wonderful places your at.

Jenny said...

Awwww, cute costume! It sounds like you are feeling down! I'm sorry! Is this the right time to figure out the cheese order for Thanksgiving do you think?

Renae said...

Jenny~ When you have an idea of what you are wanting to order, let me know! :) Will have it ready for you when you are ready! I'm not really down so much, just tired. Thinking the time change has thrown me out of whack. Needing some more sleep! When it snows, I plan on hibernating! LOL

Mandie said...

Hi Renae! I found your blog through the Goosberry Patch blog. I really enjoy it! I think it is so cool that you make yummy cheese and have cows. What a great life! We have chickens and rabbits, lol. I love your blog and will be back!!

Renae said...

Mandie~ Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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