Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where Have I Been??

I think I've been missing for awhile!

Been off the computer for awhile. Last week I had 2 days of jury duty. I will admit, I wanted any excuse to get out of it, but could not really allow myself to get out of it.  I could have used my diabetes and insulin use as a reason, easily. I didn't. But, I did have trouble getting my numbers controlled those 2 days.  My sugar spiked to around 300 because I was unable to do my insulin at the correct times.
As far as jury duty, it was interesting, and found that all of us jurors got along very well.
As much as I found jury duty interesting, I don't feel too excited to receive yet another letter saying I am to report for jury duty again on the 31st. I didn't realize that a person could be called that many times in one month. Unfortunately, it will take it's toll on our Jersey Emment cheese make for this year.  We have a very small window of time to make the Emment, and we were supposed to start make last week, and again on the 31st. Argh!

After jury duty, I caught a cold or something. So, a week has managed to go by. I feel like this past week has been foggy. Lots of rest. Today I've felt "ok" enough to take a look at the mess that being sick a week has done to our house. About 20 loads of laundry are waiting for me. 

I had an event that I went to on Thursday night, regardless of how rough I felt, I managed to do it. It went very well.  It was a Ladies Spring Fling, and I was set up next to the wine tasting table.... lucky me!! ;-)
I did manage to trade some cheese for a nice bottle of wine... Alpine Spice was the name of it. Al isn't crazy about it like I more for me! ha!  I met a lot of nice folks. It was held in Glen Dale, WV (hometown of Brad Paisley!!). I had to get a permit through the health dept. to take our cheese to WV. Not as hard as I had feared, but we do like to make sure we will sell enough cheese to pay for our permit, gas and set up fee. We did ok, but it was wonderful advertising!

I did make it to the farm market yesterday. Beautiful day too! Sun was out and it was near 70 degrees. Perfect! I had so many new customers come through, and they were so excited about our product! That makes me excited to get started making again!

Our plan now is to officially start making cheese March 29. That gives me time after that to do the jury duty, then that Friday go to the Endocronologist. Hope the trial doesn't go beyond 2 days...

Spring is here! I need to get my camera out and get some pictures of a few, little signs of spring here at Buckeye Grove Farm.  We've been hearing the spring peepers for about a week now, and that is the most wonderful sound to hear after a long winter. 

I hear the sound of the dryer buzzing, so that means I should go and get some loads switched...only 19 more loads to go...

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Mardell said...

Hi Renae,
I thought that after you did jury duty you didn't have to again for 5years or something? Hmmm? I dread those letters in the mail!!

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