Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Sunday

What a beautiful day!

Emily was given her basket of goodies this morning. We keep it toned down a bit on the candy and toy part. I don't feel right about the bunnies and eggs, etc. We try to keep our focus on what makes the day special to us.

Emily and I went to church this morning. It's so hard for Al to make it, milking and morning chores are usually going on all morning. Emily enjoys going to junior church and it's so cute seeing her march out of the church with the other kids, she's so independent.

After church they had the "Empty Tomb" hunt in the neighboring field. I was handed a camera and sent out to snap some pictures of the kids. It was divided into two groups, the little ones and the bigger kids. Little or big, kids are just hard to photograph. Especially when hunting "Empty Tombs". They would turn around, just as I was about to snap the picture. I think I got a few decent shots. Kids also move quick. I've always said that kids and animals are difficult to photograph. Could be why I enjoy taking pictures of sunsets or scenery. It does't move.  I've also made a mental note for next year...wear comfy shoes for this, high heels do not work in a field.

Emily & her friend, Kassie. They are so cute together!

I went to my Endo appt. on Friday. Still not sure yet...
She took me off of the insulin that I have been doing since January. I should note, with the insulin I have been keeping my glucose #'s in check, very good too. But, she feels that I should lose some weight, and that is important right now. The insulin actually causes weight gain.  So, she put me on something else, that helps promote weight loss, but has side affects of being sick and icky. I think I get how it controls the weight thing...of course you'll lose weight if you're too sick to eat.  Hmm....we'll give it a try. Sometimes I do feel like I'm used for experiments!!

Farm market yesterday was great! A lot of new faces, and I love meeting them! Several of our usual customers that didn't make it in over the winter are now coming in with the nice weather arriving. We're all looking forward to the upcoming Wednesday markets starting in May. 

Now, I'm off to get something fixed for dinner. We're going to be a little later than usual. I don't like that, but that's our schedule today. Thanks to me eating a little too much of a not so good thing, made me feel horrible and I fell asleep for about 3 hours. Time to make up for my nap time! :)


Tony, Jimi, Nicki, Joey, Ryan and Kaycee said...

Glad you hear you had a good Easter Renae...Loved the picture of Miss. Emily!

Good luck with the dr stuff...sounds like NO FUN...

And I love that you do the Farmers Market. Wish I could do something like that for the summer, but I have nothing to sell! :) Ha...might help if I had something to sell,ya think?!

Real Life Reslers said...

What an adorable picture! Glad to hear your easter was great!

Jenny said...

Looks like you had a great Easter. Cute pictures of Emily!

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