Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things are Busy on the Farm!

I've been away from here too long!
But, it's been a crazy summer here at Buckeye Grove Farm so far.

On Memorial Day I took my husband to the ER, thinking the stomach bug had been hanging on too long.

Within hours he was in emergency surgery. The surgeon said if we had put off getting to the ER, he wouldn't have lived. Yikes.

His mom has diverticulitis, and now we know that Al does too. His intestine had ruptured early on Memorial day.

I had to leave the hospital before he was taken into surgery. That was tough. The surgeon gave him about 50% chance of making it through the surgery. But, I needed to get home to milk the cows. I knew that the farm still had to run.

He did well, and was released 3 days earlier than they usually release a patient.

I've since taken over the milking, and most of the barn chores. Friends of ours from our church came in and did fence work for us, and some made some hay.

We're finally getting into a "new normal" for our family. It's been really strange to reverse roles, even if temorary! He's been taking care of dishes and laundry. (Although the first lesson learned was that 12 pair of heavy work jeans do not wash well when put in the washing machine all at once)! I've been doing both milkings that includes feeding. Our neighbors, who are renting our other house, have pitched in and have been a tremendous help! Huge thanks to all who have been there for us! :)

I'm planning on getting some new recipes that I've tried up and posted soon.

Along with some new pictures that I've taken so far this summer.

We also have started our beef herd. We've decided to cross some of our Jersey's with beef bulls and have some beef cows on the side. So far we have an Angus heifer, named Spunky (she's ornery!) and our little Hereford heifer, born a month early, her name is Dottie.

Hope that everyone has a great week!
I'll be posting some goodies soon!


Melinda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband - but so glad that things turned out all right! "New normals" are hard to adjust to!

jengd said...

Glad to hear everyone's doing well all things considered! Hang in there.

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