Monday, September 26, 2011

Tiny Tips for a Cozy Home

I've been looking through the newest books from Gooseberry Patch.
Tiny Tips for a Cozy Home has so many wonderful ideas for around the home.

I've chosen a few to share with you.

~"This super-simple table runner adds a cheerful look to any tabletop. Simply line up enough bandannas to fit the length of a table, then stitch them together. Oh-so easy and colorful!"

This is one that I love, and it brightens up any table!

~"Hang up an old fashioned mini washboard where family messages, calendars and to-do lists can easily be found. Button magnets and clothespin clips will hold everything in place and add a dash of whimsy."

In our busy household, this is a must!

~"Who says teacups need to be tucked away on a shelf? Insert cup hooks along the top of a window and hang teacups up side-by-side. What a sweet "valance" for a cozy kitchen.

I love to find teacups at flea markets and thrift shops. And it doesn't matter if they don't match, they are all pretty!

I feel that fall is the perfect time of year to make our homes cozy!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the book review! This sounds like a book I would like.

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