Friday, September 30, 2011

Tiny Tips for the Kitchen

In our house, my favorite room is, of course, the kitchen. I love cooking, baking and just visiting with family and friends in the kitchen. And I always love helpful hints for the kitchen.

Gooseberry Patch has a book that is perfect for me, it's called Tiny Tips for the Kitchen. I've enjoyed getting new ideas from this book. I even picked out a few to share...

~Create a pretty marbleized effect when baking a white cake mix. Simply sprinkle batter in its pan with a few drops of food coloring, then swirl the color around with a knife tip.

      I love doing this! It's fun for birthdays and makes a pretty cake, that is easy!

~A mini photo album is just right for keeping tried & true recipes handy on the kitchen counter. Slide in a few snapshots of happy family mealtimes, too!

     This is a fun idea for making a recipe book for a gift, also.

~Chopped or crushed candy bars make a fast & easy topping for frosted cakes. Try using toffee, caramel or nougat bars...mmmm...!

      This is super yummy! Again, a perfect topping for that swirled birthday cake! ;-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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