Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did, and we ate way too much turkey...and all the sides too!

I tried a new recipe for our dressing/stuffing, I'll be sharing it later today. 

We decided this year to put our tree up on Thanksgiving and start decorating. Well, I was motivated by the fact that my dear child was decorating my cobweb duster. She had it propped up and was hanging a couple of her ornaments on it. I got the hint.

We're also planning on going out in our woods, and find a live tree. It may not be perfectly shaped, considering it's not a tree that is raised for a Christmas tree, but that is what I like about the idea. And since we've had one of those years, we figure we may as well go all out with decorating, and really enjoy the holiday season.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season! We're looking forward to so many things this year, the holiday program at the school, driving around the area and looking at Christmas lights with some hot cocoa, baking cookies and making candy, our favorite Christmas movies (we've already started with the Grinch), family, turning on the Christmas music in our barn (our girls love the music, and it makes the chores a lot more enjoyable!).

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