Saturday, January 19, 2013

TV Shows

With it being winter here in Ohio, I have to admit that I enjoy watching TV more than any other time of the year. But, I hate to just sit and watch whatever.
I've found some really good shows on a channel that we have through Dish. Being farmers, we tend to go in the country/agriculture direction. RFD-tv is a cool channel. And one of our favorite shows that we've tuned into for the past couple of years would be Larry's Country Diner. Has anyone else watched this? I love the who concept of the show, a small town type diner setting, some of the old greats in country music, and a little this n that. And it's something we watch as a family.

A show that follows Larry's Country Diner is Country Family Reunion. Nothing like listening to some of the old greats sitting around, talking, and singing some good songs.

Anyone else have any favorite shows? Let me know. We don't have a lot of time to tune in to tv...but when we do, we like good shows that we can enjoy as family. :) And I need to add my daughters new favorite cartoon.... Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids...I remember watching that one as a kid!


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