Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just Horsin' Around!

We've recently added two horses to our farm. We planned on having just one for my daughter. She's been wanting a horse since she could walk. She turned 8 this past May, and I thought it was a good age for her to have one. We found Lexie. She's a sweet little mare. Not too tall and pretty quiet. I have noticed she likes to have attention, and lots of it. She and Emily should get along just fine!

After Lexie came, something happened....I wanted a horse too! I had one years ago and loved riding. Something about being around a horse again reminded me of how much I loved horses! My girl is just like me when it comes to being horse crazy. So, Rocky came to us. He's a pretty old fella, and gentle as can be. He likes to come up to me and rest his head on my shoulder. He's easy to love.
Emily on Lexie with her grandma Dixie.
Emily has caught on to riding. She says she wants to run fast with Lexie. I seriously want to wrap her in bubble wrap!


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