Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stormy Night In Ohio

It sounds like a lot of people had a lot of crazy weather last night!
We had wind, hail, heavy rain, a lot of lightening and some thunder.

I gathered up anything, and everything that could blow to the next county.
Poor hummingbirds are looking for their feeders today, I still have to hang them back out.

Our house is a 3-ring circus when bad weather comes....I should say our whole farm is a circus!

Our cows refuse to go to any pasture, except for the one up on a hill. I can't blame them. Animals are pretty smart, and they can usually tell when it's going to be a hard rain.  The horses were put in our barn on the hill. Killer (our barn cat) and her 5 babies were tucked into our laundry room, Annie, our Beagle was glued to us all night. Pinky, our house cat, slept under our bed. Emily tucked in with us because she was afraid (however, she is the one who did not hear the thunder, and slept like a log!!)

Thankfully, the storm wasn't quite as severe as we had thought it would be. Our road was covered with water in some places overnight, and a few branches came down, but today, all our critters are back to their normal selves! :) 

Hope everyone had a safe night!


Laura said...

Odie was always my favorite. So was its a toss up....but I also liked John's fiesty grandma too.


Gooseberry Patch said...

Glad you were all safe & sound! :)

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