Monday, February 16, 2009

Sun & Snow

The sun is shining today, and it's snowing at the same time. Go figure! Ohio weather can be so odd at times!
At least it isn't icy out and I don't have to worry about falling down if I go outside.

Valentine's Day came and went. We usually don't do too much for it. The reason is we just don't have a lot of time, especially on Saturday's. I spent most of the day at the farm market. Made up some Valentine gift baskets, but they didn't sell. I did sell some of the cheese out of the baskets! Hmm.. You never know unless you try, I suppose. I picked up a few little things for Al and Emily for Valentine Day gifts. Emily had a lot of fun with the gift bag that had hearts on it!! I should have just stopped with that! We did go to our local restaurant for dinner. First time in several weeks we had been there.

We didn't make it to church yesterday. A first calf heifer had her baby early that morning ( she wasn't supposed to calve for another 6 weeks according to the vet). Her baby is doing just fine. Started out a little weak, but she's now up and eating good. Had to fill up some jugs of warm water to lay next to her to warm her up. Around noon I went outside and saw that another heifer was laying down flat, she was having a baby too. We walked up to the lot she is in, and saw that the baby's back legs look weird, they were over top the baby's back. Not a good thing. Well, baby came out, and we found that there was a baby #2 following behind. Unfortunately, the toes were pointed the wrong way, breech. Al was able to assist mama cow, and the 2nd baby was born, but only lived for about 5 minutes. Poor little guy had sucked in so much of the fluid that he suffocated. We tried so hard to get him to breathe. The first baby (a baby bull) is doing good, and so is the mama. It's amazing, that after so many babies are born on the farm that I've seen, and even helped with, it's still a miracle to me. And even though we've lost baby calves before, I am always sad when one doesn't make it. That first breath of life is amazing. And how that mama cow starts mooing softly to the baby.
I feel so blessed that I am able to witness this. Emily was fascinated too. So many lessons a little one learns out here.

We're contacting timber companies this week. Hoping to have some of our farm timbered. We don't do clear cutting, just selective. Hoping to raise enough money to help with our feed bill. Groceries for the cows just seems to cost a lot! Sad thing is, the cost of feed goes up, but the price we get paid for milk goes down. I don't know how we're expected to make ends meet.
One thing I can tell you, if you are into farming, don't expect to ever get rich!! haha!!
A lot of folks have asked us, and other farmers, "why?"
I suppose in a lot of ways, staying in this business does seem crazy. I've even thought it myself at times. But, it isn't an occupation to us, it's our life. We love what we do so much that we hang in there. We believe in what we do is for others, providing food, is important. Each day is never the same old, same old. Each season brings it's own blessings and hardships, sometimes all at the same time. Being in contact with the animals, and outside, I feel and see God in everything. Even though we are facing some really difficult times this coming year, and beyond, I feel my faith getting stronger each day. In the near future, we may not be able to continue farming, and that makes me so sad, but I still keep hopeful that things will work out for us for the best. Farming to us is just something we absolutely love. We have to, I don' t know if I could wait up half the night watching a cow that is calving and help her give birth when she is in trouble, if I didn't love what I do. Or stand out in a lightning storm, holding a bottle of medicine high above my head so it would go in the IV properly and help a sick cow. I felt like a lightning rod that night!! But, that is why we do what we do. We truly love the animals, they get better care than we do most of the time, we love working with nature and we love knowing that what we do brings food to others. That is my answer as to why.

Now, I am off to get a cheese order ready to ship out tomorrow, and we're getting a few last minute stuff done. The county inspector will be in tomorrow, so I need to get errands done before his scheduled time. Also, have to finish up the dishes. :P Rosy the dishwasher died on my during the windstorm we had last week, and Sears won't be here until Thursday to repair it. I sure do miss Rosy!! I'm such a BRAT!!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love farming and ranching eh? Although we are nowhere near your experience, we do love our lifestyle, good and bad!

Loved your post today Renae. :)

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

I envy you, girl!! What a great way of life you have there. All the blessings you get to witness. Thanks for sharing them with us. I hope you'll take pictures of the new babies!

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