Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun in the Barn!

Babies everywhere! And we're just getting started!
Emily is loving this! She has made friends with and named each baby calf so far. Of course the names change occasionally, or each calf will have the same name. Her favorite name so far for cows and calves has been Rosie. I'm seeing a trend here with that name, since that is what I have named my dishwasher..yeah...I name my appliances..
I finally took my camera to the barn last night during milking time. I had to steal the batteries from Emily's flashlight to put in the camera. So I did get some pictures of Emily having some fun with the calves.

We had one baby heifer who couldn't walk for a few days after she was born. Emily worked with her, gave her attention, patted her head, told her stories (there were some good ones, too!), and we would stand her up with help several times a day. Yesterday that calf was up and not just walking, but running, jumping and playing! Did that calf and Emily have some fun last night!

I've been trying my hand lately at yeast breads. I have always feared them. Don't ask me why. Just seemed like a lot of time involved in producing one loaf of bread, that, in our house, would last less than an hour. But, I had a wonderful idea, should've dawned on me long ago, but didn't. We have a bread machine that was a Christmas gift our first year we were married. Why not use that thing to do the work. Hmm... Now I don't care for the shape of the loaf or how crusty it makes my bread, so I just put the thing on "dough" cycle and then put it in one of my own bread pans and bake in the oven. Hmm...that's genius!

This is a loaf of Flavorful Herb Bread.
Well, now I am off to actually get some things done before I go to my dentist appointment. Something I do not look forward to. But, I sure don't want to have this so called "Wisdom" tooth hurting much longer. Why are they called Wisdom teeth. I don't feel much wiser....

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marnie said...

What precious pictures Renae! I envy Miss Emily and the memories she will have forever of all her four-legged friends. :)

I was dying for a bread machine and you know what? I don't like the bread it produces so I have gone back to the "old fashioned" way. Tho, I do have a recipe that calls for the machine to do the work and that came out good.
Bet your house smells great!!!

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