Friday, March 27, 2009

What was I thinking??

Our cat, Miss Kitty had her kittens. 5 of them! And they have been in the house in a box since they were born, because she had them in the barn on the coldest night ever! It was around -25. That was February 16, by now the kittens are very active, ornery and starting to eat some actual cat food. But most importantly, going to the potty in the office! A definate no-no. So, we put them in the box, along with Miss Kitty and moved them to the upstairs of our machinery shed, where they will be safe and warm, but have plenty of potty places that does not make my house smell funny.
Well, 3 of them found their way back to our back door, and I let Emily pick ONE. Then told her that when we get a small litter box and when the kitten is fully weaned she may have one as a pet. Now what was I thinking?? Well, it is a cute little thing.... It's a boy, but Emily says that it looks like a girl to her. Hmm...not from where I looked! But, the kitten is named "Angel". Oh boy!!

We made our first batch of cheese for 2009 yesterday. I can't believe how smooth it went! Last year for our first batch I was a basket case! Trying hard to remember everything that needed done, some of it not really knowing what to do, but just playing it by ear. The cheese we made yesterday, and will make until mid-April is called 'Jersey Emment'. We only make it in the spring, right before the cows go out on grass, and right after the first week they are on grass. The cheese is white because of this. I was able to wash up last night before I went to bed. The only thing that needed done with this batch of cheese was turning it over in the brine. I didn't realize that a wheel of cheese would float in water, until we started doing this.

Wheels of Jersey Emment floating in brine (salt and water), salt is also sprinkled on the cheese.

I also packed up 3 wheels of cheese for the farm market tomorrow. I enjoy doing that, not sure why, but I usually turn the radio on and it's kind of my "quiet time". Emily is generally in the front "sales room" where her toys and tv are, and she does so good at keeping busy. She pops in where I'm at occasionally, and it's so funny, because she knows she has to have a hairnet on.

Me cutting up a wheel of our 'Hill Folk Jersey'. Takes some muscle to push that knife through!

It looks like I'll be taking in another market this summer, starting May 1. We're going to try to juggle the Guernsey County farm market, located in Cambridge by the courthouse. Should've gone last year, but I was so overwhelmed by everything else we were doing. I feel more ready this year, and really excited!

Well, I'm off to clean up some eggs to sell as well. Hoping tomorrow is a good day. We're having a special event, so that usually brings folks in! Especially when there is some good food cooked up! :)


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

mmmmmmm, cheeeeeese!! lol. Look how hard you work, girl!

And that Em, to cute holding that kitten!

~Kristen~ said...

Oh you so know little Em is going to bat those sweet eyes at you...or probably her Daddy!!!...and ALL the kittens will be living with you!!! :) And that cheese look sooooo yum!!!!!

marnie said...

Ahh, the memories Emily will have of farm life and her pets.
Angel is adorable! ;)
Glad the cheese process is getting easier for you. It looks good!!!

Tony, Jimi, Nicki, Joey, Ryan and Kaycee said...

I finally got here to take a! What a great blog you have put together!!
Can't chat now...gonna go read some more!! :)

Oh, and Miss. Emily is getting cuter by the day. Hugs to her...and her sweet little kitty.

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