Monday, April 27, 2009

Monkey Cookies & Some Other Odd and Ends

I've started letting Emily pick out one recipe each week before I go grocery shopping that she would like to make. The children's recipe books from Gooseberry Patch ( ) have some really neat stuff that kids love and easy enough for them to help out too! For our first week of doing this, she picked out Monkey Lollipops. Well, our creation did not become a lollipop, but a cookie instead. I couldn't get the silly lollipop sticks to, well, stick in the rice crispy part like the recipe said. My job was making the rice crispy treat part, attaching the ears and face (with chocloate frosting). Emily stuck the eyes and nose on with the frosting, and made the mouth. It was messy but fun!

Last Sunday we stopped at the pet store. Emily thinks of it as a zoo! She likes the lizards and spiders and snakes. Thankfully, we came home with a hamster, that isn't creepy! She took the money that her goat sold for, and decided to get a hamster with a nice cage, food and bedding. So Princess has now been Emily's pet for a week, and they seem to really like each other. Each evening we put Princess in her run around ball, and she just runs all over the place and Emily has fun running with her.

I have my garden spot all tilled up and waiting. I'm waiting for a few weeks before I really plant much, because we have killing frosts clear into early June. It's a small garden, but that is just fine this year since I have so much going on. Our asparagus is just now poking through the ground. I like to steam it, and just put a little bit of butter or cheese on it. Mmm...
It's a beautiful day today, with a nice breeze. I'm going to do up some laundry, hang them out to dry, save some electric, and have nice smelling blankets to tuck in with tonight.


~Kristen~ said...

Little diva Em is just too dang cute with her monkey cookies!!! Love it!!!

marnie said...

What great memories you are making with Miss Emily Renae!! She is such a cutie!

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

LOVE the cookies. You are a wonderful mommy. And to put up with a rodent rolling around in a ball, well, I vote you get extra points for that!!

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