Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're in the News

Emily went to her first night at Vacation Bible School at our church last night. It is every night this week. She has talked non-stop about how much fun she had. She made a lion mask, and has been wearing it all morning. She's looking forward to tonight!
I had our table in our sales room at our cheese house all set up for a customer the other day, and Emily wanted to help set the table up too, so I posed her with some cheese and took a picture. Good advertising!
Our awards were mailed to us and we received them recently. We're excited about it! Our local newspapers have each run an aritcle on us and our awards. You can see them at:

We have finally had some good rains this past week. Thankfully our cistern is now just about filled. Making cheese starts back up on Monday and again on Friday. I will not be at the Cambridge farm market next week, so that we can take that day to make a batch. Our cooler is getting very low on inventory, demand has really been keeping us busy selling! Yesterday was a very busy day for us, several customers stopped in here at the farm to visit. We are very pleased with the wonderful job both the Monroe County Beacon and the Barnesville Enterprise did with the articles.

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Jenny said...

Wow, Renae! Be Proud!!!!!!

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