Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Day At A Time

That's how I'm moving.  I feel good, considering.  Glad I took the weekend to just be sad and rest. And while I'm still sad and disappointed, I am thankful that I am able to look at it as a blessing. 
I'm still waiting to hear from the doctors office, which they won't call until tomorrow to set up the appointment at the hospital. 

Emily and I took some time together yesterday morning, and it was FUN! I had to go to Woodsfield anyway to the bank and put some gas in the van, for the trip to Marietta later.  We stopped at our favorite gift shop, Pat's Gift Shoppe, I think there is 16 rooms full of beautiful things.  We looked through each room, and each thing.  She found a Valentine teddy bear in the discount room, which is my favorite room to look through, after I check out their Gooseberry Patch cookbook display.  Was disappointed that the newest books are not in yet, but it was just as well, I didn't have enough money on me! :) Will keep checking on that.  After we shopped around there, we went to our next favorite place to go, the library.  We have our routine, she picks out 2 or 3 books, then we look at videos, then mommy is allowed to find some books.  Emily sits on the stool in the cookbook section and looks at one of her books while I look for my books.  It seems to work pretty good too.

Tax time is here.  We'll be digging out all of our tax stuff and that will be what I will be doing for the next couple of weeks or so.  Hoping the tax books don't take over our kitchen table like the cattle books have done right now.  Seems like our office expands to the kitchen.  I'm not looking forward to working on taxes this year.  Adding the cheese business to the already chaotic farm books has been less than easy.  May take a couple more years, but I'll get it all figured out.

Only about 2 months until we start making cheese.  I'm looking forward to it, for different reasons, 1. I enjoy making cheese, just wish my feet enjoyed it as much! 2. It means spring is on it's way! 3. Gets me out of the house and moving around.   Still hoping to add one more cheese, but as it is right now, we are going to have to really work hard to get the shelves in our cooler filled up.  Cheese is moving really well! 

Cows are all done with the herd certification for another year.  Always feels good after it is done.  Waiting for paperwork is all we have to do now.  Got our dry cows moved into the "upper barn".  In about 2 weeks through April we will be busy with babies!  Had one cow calve a week ago.  We bred her with beef semen, so we have a huge baby bull calf out of a Belgium Blue.  They grow and put weight on fast!  Mama cow is a bit wore out, but she's perking up now.  It was cold when she calved.  They seem to like to do that when the temps. fall down below 20.  We're making up a list of heifers and milk cows for sale this spring, or sooner.  Have had several folks contacting us for some animals.  So if anyone is interested in cattle, just let us know.  All ages and stages of lactation.

I found a couple of good diabetic cookbooks at the library yesterday.  I'm anxious to try something out for lunch, I just don't know what yet.  Watching what I eat, insulin and some exercise is really working well.  My morning fasting glucose this morning was 96, and even though my target number is 90 or less, I'm happy with my 96.  I looked back on my book that I keep track with, and less than 2 weeks ago my fasting glucose was 202.  I'm amazed at the energy I have, and I feel so positive and good.  I'll post some of the good recipes that I've tried.  I've found some really good ones, and even a dessert! 

Today we have snow and ice.  I want to take a walk later, and take my camera.  I didn't do that with the last snow because the temperatures dropped in the teens with a -0 windchill.  It's cold today, but I think it will be tolerable for a short walk.  Until we take that walk, today will be a busy laundry day! :)

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Terri and Bob said...

Keep well busy girl. I really want to buy some cheese from you some time. Bob and I love cheese!

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