Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cows, Calves & Chickens

I took my camera to the barn this morning and took a few pictures.  My batteries were slowly giving out on me, I've been saying that for several days, but I keep trying to make the camera work anyway.  (I did get new, digital camera approved batteries today and will have more pics).  So, with that in mind, the pictures did not take as well as I would have liked, plus, baby calves do not hold still for a camera...especially a camera that takes forever to get the flash ready. 

The cows were cooperative.  They are naturally nosey, so they were more than happy to stare at the camera, they did look confused at the flash.  Probably wondered what the little blue spots were...

We had two babies born last night, within minutes of each other.  Both little girls. We're doing good this year for heifers.  Thank goodness too! We've had about 3 years of mostly bulls.  We're due for a heifer year.

I have to sneak a picture of Pinky in.  She's been feeling a bit left out with all the cows, calves, other cats and dog.  And of course she's not to sure about having Emily live in "her" house either.  This cat puts Garfield to shame at times.  This picture of her was taken at a happier time, before we used that gadget to trim her claws.  It was either do that her just do without furniture or trim work on the doorways.  That gadget that they advertise on tv really does do a good job.  Pinky would disagree, however.  Poor thing...

We did get our eggs yesterday, as I mentioned.  I have been asked if you can freeze eggs. You sure can.  I use freezer bags, they're cheaper and easier.  I put about 2-3 eggs per bag after I whisk them in a bowl, and put them in the freezer.  I can't remember how long they can keep this way.  I'll check and post that.  I don't plan on freezing any of these eggs, we've been eating so many at times.  Seems like these cold mornings call for a good hot breakfast instead of a bowl of cereal.  Of course, talking about eggs reminds me of my chickens, the ones who are not laying any longer. Well, imagine my surprise when I was sorting through some pictures from this past summer of the chickens and Emily.  I should have realized then that the girls were calling it quits. 

Ok, I'll admit, that's sad.  But, couldn't help myself.  Had the idea from a comment left on a previous post.  :)

 I print some pictures out and take them to farm markets and festivals with me when I set up to sell cheese.  Some people are not sure what a Jersey cow looks like, so this is helpful.  A really famous Jersey that you may know is Elsie the Borden cow. 

Well, just checked the time, and I'm running late getting to the barn! I need to put hay into the girls or they will not be "happy cows". 

Take care & Stay Warm, anxiously awaiting spring and the girls can get out on some green grass!


Monica said...

I love your cows! Emily must have such fun on your farm!

Mardell said...

Hi Renae,
Thanks for the tips on freezing eggs. :o) Glad your babies are doing well.
Have a great week!

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