Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quiet Winter Days

Sitting back with a hot bowl of chili with homemade cornbread.'s good.  Such a dark, cloudy day. The perfect comfort food for a day like today. 

Spent last Friday morning at the hospital. Outpatient D&C surgery.  Never felt so sleepy as I did after I got home.  I crashed on the couch and snoozed! Emily snuggled up against me and she fell asleep.  Felt good to snuggle with her.  She says that she's my "snuggle bug".  Just love that girl!!

I missed the farm market, and I really had hoped to go, but didn't realize I would be so sore and sleepy.  Decided to take the drs. orders and rest. 

I have taken the time this week to get some of my "spring cleaning" started a little early.  Because for us, once spring is  here, there will be no time for house cleaning.  Starting next month we'll be making cheese again, and soon after cheese making begins, the hay starts to grow, cows need to be turned out to pasture, so that brings a lot of fence work and getting water lines checked and run to each stock tank.  I find that February is the best time of the year to dig into getting the house in order. 

Orders have started coming in for cheese for the month. Yay!  Glad I'm feeling pretty good now, so I can get busy on getting back to business.  I will be making my calls to our stores tomorrow.  For those who are in the Athens Ohio area, The Village Bakery ordered today, so they will be getting our cheese in by next week.  Lola's restaurant in Cleveland will also be making some really yummy dishes using our cheese. 

I'm looking forward to going to the farm market on Saturday.  I have MISSED everyone so much!  Along with selling cheese, I look at my time with customers and other vendors as my social time.  I shipped an order to one of our regular customers on Monday.  So glad she received it in good shape! Love meeing folks!

Getting back in gear to get some recipes put together and get our cookbook started and hopefully finished before fall.  I want to have some available before Christmas.  Good chance for me to test some of the recipes out! 

Now, I'm off to see what I can get into this evening.  I'm really wanting to get my sewing machine out that I received for Christmas and do some sewing....just not sure what to make first!


Carol said...

Sending prayers and wishes for you to get well soon! Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Renae, so glad to see you post. You are sounding so upbeat it makes me feel good. Love hearing about Em and how she is your snuggle bug I have one actually two of those myself. It is so great.

Oh a cookbook I will keep my eyes out in the fall for it just let me know I love cookbooks.

Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers always. Let us know if you do any sewing as I want to pull my machine out also and make a table runner for spring for myself.

Keeper of our Home said...

Get well soon. I am so glad I found your blog.

~Mrs. M

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