Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunny Saturday!

It has been awhile since we've seen the sun! It's nice for a change! And, even some of the snow melted. Of course that means mud, but at this point, we'll take it!

Emily and I made it to the farm market, and we were happy to get out for awhile.  It started out slow, but it picked up.  Now that we're open until 1 p.m., I've noticed several people wait until a little later to show up.  I guess that makes sense, who wants to get up and out early on a Saturday when it's cold out?? We had 4 degrees this morning when I left home. 

We also stopped at the Goodwill, as I've said before, my favorite place to go when I'm in Marietta!! Found Emily some nice shoes for church, I didn't realize how much her feet have grown! Found a few dresses for her, that are more appropriate for the cold weather when I venture out to church. 

My sister-in-law made it up for a visit, and to bring us 19 dozen eggs in exchange for a bull calf.  Al got him tattooed and registered, and we loaded him up in the back of her van.  This baby bull is going to have it good!  I'm excited about the eggs! Only a farm wife could get this excited over that many eggs!!  If anymore snow storms move through, we will not be hungry! We have eggs and beef in the freezer, and I stopped at the grocery yesterday, so we're good. 

No more baby calves born yet, and I still need to get batteries for my camera to take pics of the ones that have already been born.  I imagine the cows that are due, will decide to all calve at once.  They like to have their babies in the middle of the night.  We sometimes take turns walking to the barn during the night.  We like to make sure that the cow doesn't have any trouble.  Usually they don't, but once in awhile we have a breech, or a first calf heifer has trouble.  We also like to make sure the baby gets some of that good milk the mama has right away.  Keeps the baby good and healthy. 

My Gooseberry Patch cookbook has arrived!!  I'm excited! I picked out Farmers' Market Favorites and I can't wait for some free time to sit back with it and plan meals for this coming week!  I get so excited of the smallest stuff! Which means each day for me can have a lot of little blessings, and that makes me happy!

We made a trip into town yesterday, along with stopping at the grocery, Emily and I went to the library.  She loves going there.  I found a really great book for diabetics, and if I ever see a copy of this one to buy, I will.  I've already found several recipes that I can't wait to fix.  It's called Mr. Food's Quick & Easy Diabetic Cooking. 

I also forgot to mention that last week I received 2 letters from Gooseberry Patch!
They will be using 2 of my recipes in their upcoming book called Slow Cookers, Casseroles & Skillets.
The recipes are called Renae's Cheesy Shells and Yummy Pork Chops. Can't wait to receive this one!

I figured with all the cold and snowy weather we've been having,
a picture of the girls out on green grass in the sunshine may keep
us looking forwad to spring! Not too far off...

Have a great weekend!!


Mandie said...

Gosh, 4 degrees sounds offly cold to me! I bet you can't wait for spring. Your cows looks so pretty grasing the field. What are you doing to do with so many eggs? Can you freeze them?

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

LOVE "the girls!!!!" Thanks for the update!! Good luck with your cookbook!

Keeper of our Home said...

So do I feel a little extra baking is in the plan with all those eggs!?! *grin* That is a real blessing!

Excited to hear your thoughts on the GBP book...and what yummies you make from it.

~Mrs. M

Mardell said...

Hi Renae,
Wow, congrats again on being in TWO more GBP cookbooks! You're on a roll. :o) How wonderful. I've been hankering to get to Goodwill, too. It's been ages. I need a "fix." Glad you found some bargains. I didn't know you can freeze eggs? How do you do it? Hope you're having a good Sunday.
Hugs ~~

Faith (Scheiderer) Britton said...

"Only a farm wife could get this excited over that many eggs!!"

Only another farm wife could get so excited to swap that many eggs for a bull calf after eating eggs in every way, shape and form for 3 meals a day for the past two months. :-) Living on a back road during the winter can sure put a crimp in customers being able to take them off my hands.

Gooseberry Patch said...

Yay for new cookbooks and happy cows in the sunshine!

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