Friday, January 23, 2009

First New Baby of 2009

Our first new baby calf of 2009 is doing just fine, so is his mama. Since he is out of a good bull, that isn't related to the cows in our herd, and his mom is a good cow (she's 9 yrs. old and is milking very well), we'll be keeping him for our future herd bull. May 2010 he'll be put out with our maiden heifers.
I did get some pictures of him with Emily. Couldn't get a good pic of his mom since she was already in her stall in the barn waiting to be milked.

It warmed up yesterday too. I'm glad it did since the baby came. I hate it when the cows decide to have their babies either in a blizzard, or below 0 temps. We thought that he would be a heifer (girl) since she had him 9 days early. Usually girls come early and bulls come late. Since the temps warmed up yesterday, the snow became good snowman snow. We made a very small snowman, because I forgot how much work is really involved in making a big snow man. Emily had fun looking around the yard for pinecones to use for eyes, mouth and buttons. I did remember to get a carrot for the nose. First time I think I ever actually used a carrot for a nose.

Today is finally Friday! Most folks are thrilled when it's the weekend, but for us, the weekend isn't too much different than the rest of the week. I will be heading to the farm market like usual. I'm looking forward to it this week since it won't be -20. Sunday we may be going to Cabela's over on the other side of Wheeling, WV. I have 2 gift cards that I got for Christmas. Not sure what I'll get with them, but Cabela's has a lot of goodies!
Today we are heading to the chiropractor. Al was playing on the floor with Emily the other night, and ended up hurting his neck. Emily was riding on his back pretending daddy was a horse, but instead of riding on his back, she ended up on his neck. Hmm... I clearly remember the same sort of thing happening to me back in November! I was the horse then, and did my back in. Our dr. clearly said no more horsie rides...
Hopefully we have learned our lesson at this point!!


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Awww, I love babies of all kinds but a calf warms my heart and makes my soul all tingly. She's a cute little thing.
Emily, well, what can be said about our diva, she as beautiful as ever. I love that snowman! Been wanting to do one myself. Should hire Emily to come and help!

marnie said...

What a beautiful addition to your herd!
Love the snowman! His size is perfect for Miss Emily!

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