Monday, January 12, 2009

Staying Positive

Making sugar cookies!
Rolling out the dough..

Cutting cookies out..

Baking up some cookies! Made the house smell YUMMY!!

Can't wait to decorate them, just eat them plain!

I have to say that my goal of staying positive this year is going to be a challenge. And it's only the beginning of January!
But, I'm still hanging in there! :)
The mistake I made with our business checkbook last week kind of set the tone for the whole week. It was the dumbest mistake (but then, have you ever heard of a smart mistake?) So, the money that I had to use to correct it was my grocery money for the week. Let's just say I'm getting very creative in the kitchen when putting dinner together. Since we have more eggs than we can keep up with, we've been eating a lot of eggs, and we have our own milk and cheese, and I made my own flour tortillas for the first time, very easy and Yummy!! We had those for lunch the other day. Filled them up with scrambled eggs, italian sausage, some cheese and salsa. Not too bad. Had some yummy Golden Delicious apples that I made apple crisp with for dessert. Can you tell that I'm feeling hungry? Can't eat anything at this point in the evening though... Just had some fish for supper so I don't know why my mind is on food!
Packed up some cheese orders to send out tomorrow. My goal is to get my butt up early, help Al start the morning chores (the milk truck goes tonight, so my job is to clean the bulk tank before milking), so that Al can go up with me. We have to stop off somewhere so he can get the paperwork started on a gov't program for dairy farmers. Hoping it is something that will help us out this year.
Went to church yesterday morning, despite the ice on our road. Slid a little bit. Emily is finally starting to sit nicely until junior church is dismissed. She looks so cute marching out to go downstairs, usually holding hands with her friend, Kassie. Someday I have got to get a picture of it. After church we had lunch with the youth pastor and his wife at their place. Enjoyed it very much, and even Emily seemed to enjoy herself. Usually she is bored when it's the grown ups time to chat.
I finally cleaned up my craft room!!!! Yay! So, today I took about an hour and did another page for Emily's scrapbook and made a birthday card. That is something I like to do for some R&R. Emily gets a kick out of crafting too. I give her some stamps and an ink pad (a very small one) and turn her loose with some paper and childrens scissors. Amazing what she can come up with!
I may even start working ( a little bit) on next year's Christmas cards, since I'm still kind of in that Christmas-y mood.
Speaking of Christmas, here are some pictures from our Christmas 2008. I'm a little slow at getting them here.

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~Kristen~ said...

Loving little Miss Diva Emily baking cookies!!! She is such a doll!!!
Keep thinking positive girl! I know you can do it, and we will all be here to support each other if we feel we are getting off track.

Big hugs!!! :-)

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