Friday, January 16, 2009

I Am Procrastinating

Ok, I am procrastinating. I shouldn't, but it is COLD outside! And I need to go up to the cheese house and get things ready for the farm market tomorrow. Which, I don't know if I'm really looking forward to going this time. Right now we are at -7. BRRRR... It will be much colder than that by morning.

I'm not even sure if the poor van will even make it up the hill, with all the snow and ice. So, I had my husband move his truck (which was in the way), just in case I have to slide the van backward to get back down the hill.

This staying positive stuff is a hard thing to do in the winter!! Our milk check came today, and I was supposed to get it to the bank by 6 p.m. Of all days, our mail carrier came around 5:30 p.m. (she is supposed to run around 2 p.m.). Al is going to try to make the bank in the morning, if not, we'll have to wait until Tuesday. Crap!!!!

Even though today didn't go as I had hoped/planned, I do want to try to jot down a few Positive things that has happened this past week, since today is Friday:

~ Shipped out some cheese that a few stores ordered.

~May have a new store opening up in New Concord that wants to handle our cheese!

~ We have been healthy (no colds, flu, etc)

~ Cleaned up my crafting room, and managed to do another page in Emily's scrapbook, and made a couple of cards.

~ Emily is really into crafting!

~ Annie (our dog) and Miss Kitty (our housecat) have finally called truce.

~ Have almost all the laundry caught up! This is a first in almost a year!

~ Have managed to make some really creative meals considering no grocery $$$! Gotta be a pretty good cook I guess! Or just really lucky!

~ Got a good start on our tax books (another thing I procrastinate!)

~ Had a nice lunch and visit with our church's youth pastor and wife.

So, it hasn't been a bad week. Could do without a lot that has caused some extra stress, but we're not the only ones that say that, huh?

So, off to the market tomorrow, where I'll probably freeze my "you know what" off. ( I can only hope that may happen literally!) Hoping some customers actually stop in, regardless of the cold temperatures.


Anonymous said...

Girl i've had those days!!! Cookies look good!!!

~Kristen~ said...

There is always a bright side to every seemingly negative situation...sometimes we just have to look really hard to find it. You are doing AWESOME girl!!!

marnie said...

You are doing great with keeping things positive, Renae!
Those cookies look great..Emily looks so adorable in her apron!!

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