Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Took A Ride Today...

Our driveway is not the best right now, but I had to get out for a little bit, get some fresh air. I guess working at home seems to be ideal at times, but I can feel a little bit cooped up at times too! The last time I went anywhere was last Saturday. Emily and I went to the library. She loves going there! We both feel better after getting out for a couple of hours. We have a good system going too. We get to the library, go over the "library rules" while we are in the van, go to her books first, she picks out one or two books, then wants to play with the wooden puzzles they have set up at a little table, I pick out another book for her, then we pick out some videos and off to find some books for me. She usually sits on the little stool in the aisle where the cookbooks are at. That's what I usually find to bring home. Today I found 2 books with all slow-cooker recipes. This time of year I love to use my slow-cooker. Makes dinner easy!

Milking is not done yet for the morning, and it's almost 4 in the afternoon. Our milk pump broke when Al turned it on early this morning. So, he's been working on it all day. Thankfully we have a back up, but hope that it works just fine. Seems like things break on the coldest mornings! There is little that I can do to help right now. That makes me feel antsy, because I feel like I should be doing something in the barn to help. When he gets it fixed and is able to start milking, then Emily and I will go down and help out. So until then, I'm doing laundry and going to get some dinner going. I do feel bad for the cows, since they are used to being milked 2 times a day, and as late as it's getting, they will be milked once. They will be just fine, just as long as it's only this one time of having the delay. We also had the first baby calf or 2009 born just a few minutes ago. One of our "granny" cows had her baby, it's a bull. We'll be keeping him for a herd bull when he gets older. Both mama cow and baby are doing good.

Now I'm off to make a pot of coffee to fill up Al's thermos and take it to him so he can get warmed up!


~Kristen~ said...

Oooh! We must see baby pics!!!

marnie said...

I remember library trips. We would get home and the kids would be quiet for an hours or so as they got started on their new books!
Thanks for bringing that memory back for me.
Hoping the machine is working now and all is good.
Can't wait to see pics of the little one!!

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