Monday, January 5, 2009


I usually like Monday's. And even this Monday wasn't the worst in the world...but...

Made a mistake in our check book for our cheese business, so that made the morning hectic getting it taken care of. First time mistake, so I guess I'll be thankful, and learn to be more careful!

While Emily and I were in town, we figured we might as well stop at the library. She loves to go there. Usually we pick up a few videos for her instead of books, since we practically have a library here at home. But, today I let her find two books that she liked. She found a Dinosaur Hide and Seek and a flap book about Fairies. She did say she didn't want to ever take them back, I guess we're still learning about the "borrowing" thing! I found a couple of books for myself too, which is rare when I have Miss Em with me, she's usually more wound than she was today. Whew!

After I came home I called a few of the stores that handles our cheese. Thankfully we had a few orders. January can be a slow month. Hoping to maybe pick up a couple more stores in the near future. Also, got an email from a lady in Columbus doing an article and will be doing an over the phone interview with me on Wednesday!! I'm so excited and nervous. We've been featured several times before, but that was when my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law had the business. This will be my first interview. We're excited to have another article feature us.

We were also invited to send a sample of our Gouda for a Domestic Gouda review. I'm planning on doing that too.

So, even though the day started out kind of "eh", it still has been a good one.

My goal this year (well, one of many), is to remain positive about things, or at least try to be more positive than I have been in the past. Try to see the good, even though something stressful is going on.

So, I guess my word for this year will be Positive!

And since we're hoping to have a sibling for little Diva Emily, hoping that word may have another meaning too!!! ;-) Ha!

I managed to update our cheese site. Been needing to do that for a few weeks, but our computer was out of whack with a virus. Thankfully, our virus protection fixed it all. We were ready to pronounce this computer dead.

I'm so excited, we bought a food slicer to slice cheese with. I used it last night for the first time. Slices the cheese so nice! So, now we offer sliced cheese for sale, makes it so much nicer for sandwiches and even to put on top of a casserole to melt. I've been wanting one for about a year now, but just didn't have the $$ for it. Still don't! But figured we might as well get it now or never!! I hope that customers will find this handy.

I'm also brainstorming about putting together a cookbook featuring recipes that can be made with our cheeses. Crazy!! But, again the word for the year is Positive, so I'm moving the business forward and trying new ideas!

Amazingly, ideas seem to come to me in the middle of the night, that's probably why I'm so tired during the day!

That's pretty much been our day here. Hoping that the rest of the week continues on the up side!

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marnie said...

Glad your day turned out alright!!
You will do just fine with the interview. :)
Here's to positive thinking for you and your family!!

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