Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, they say that change is good, and I am really making some changes. And, I actually feel good and am enjoying some energy!!
First, I have changed the way I eat, which is something I have been struggling with for some time. The past week I have started portion control and reading those labels on all food! Amazing what I have been eating! No wonder I felt like crud! Yesterday, our lunch was Italian Salad mix, topped with Balsmic Viniagrette (sp???), grilled seasoned chicken breast, with a touch of cheese and a little bit of hard boiled egg, with some lowfat cottage cheese and watermelon. A nice, healthy cool lunch. Perfect! And that is kind of what I'm going with for meal planning now. And I'm eating a lot less! I'm finding that most of my eating was out of boredom, or stress. So, now I take a walk when I feel like munching, or I find something that needs to be done and do it instead of procrastinate.
I have also recently read that, being overweight, even a bit, is just has harmful to your health as smoking, or taking in second hand smoke. Hmm.... so I can't really criticize the smokers out there, huh?? Not until I drop about 50 lbs. or so.
Second, I'm moving on in life from things that stress me out that is not necessary. Sticking around awesome friends that I have around here where I live, and love the community feeling with them. Getting more into doing the farm markets, and finding that I have some really wonderful and dear friends that I get to hang out with each week! That is totally cool!
I'm putting a lot into the farm and getting back into doing some of the feeding of the babies, and love how relaxing it is to bottle feed those baby calves. Emily is thrilled she is able to feed the babies when the bottle is half full (or half empty, depending on which way you look at it! ;) ).
Emily and I have been taking walks each day, to a different part of the farm each time, or up our road a ways. Finding treasure each trip out. Right now we have water snails, tadpoles and some other critters living in my kitchen in all my plastic containers that I bought for food. But, she is learning so much by getting out there and doing. So, I figure this is just like having a field trip everyday. She loves it too, except for the little honeybee that accidently snuck into her book while we were walking today. It stung her "little piggytoe" as she said. Ever carry a 40 lb. child, a pair of muddy barn boots and a cup full of tadpoles and water? In 90 degree heat with high humidity? I felt like passing out!!! Worked some weight off on that walk home I'll tell ya!
Will be skipping the Cambridge farm market tomorrow, not that I want to, but we're a little low on a couple of cheeses, at least for another few weeks, so I'm trying to make it last a little longer. I do have to go up tonight and cut up 5 wheels for tomorrow evening, to fill an order. I'll at least cut part of it tonight, and the rest in the morning, when it's cool.
Our coating finally came in!!! Yay!! Time for more cheesemaking, soon, when we get the hay work on schedule, or if we get some rainy days. I'm anxious to get back at it. Feel the need to get that cooler filled up! We have just over 200 wheels of cheese, but really need to have about 250 more before the end of October.
Now I'm off to cut up some cheese and relax to some music while I'm doing it! :) And maybe turn Emily loose to find some bugs.....

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marnie said...

You are on the right road, Renae. Always amazes me how much better I feel when I eat right. So, why do I still crave sweets???? ;)
Wish I could take walks with you and Miss Emily...would be fun not like exercising!!

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