Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot, Humid Days

It's been hot, muggy and just plain sticky out this past week. And that means some fun in a pool, even if it is just a little wading pool. We thought about getting a larger pool, one that Al and I could also enjoy, but Emily made it very clear at the store that "too much water freaks me out!!!" So, we settled for the small one that was just perfect for Emily.

And yes, I ended up in the pool too, with my clothes on since
I haven't owned a bathing suit in YEARS!
The daisies are blooming, so I know that it is officially SUMMER!!! I love summer. I've mentioned that before, I know! Emily and I went on an adventure walk, partly for fun, and partly because I am trying to walk at least 30-1 hour each day, and walking up and down hill is a workout. She ended up finding a couple of water snails at one of our creeks and have them in the kitchen in a cup with her toy frog keeping the poor things company.

I took my camera with me the other day just for fun to see what I could come up with as good picture material. Lighting wasn't the best, since a storm was coming, but I did get some pictures of our cows. They usually "pose" much better than this. Will try again soon. Wanted to get a good picture of the baby calf out in the field with mama, but neither would cooperate.

Our cows up on the hill above our cheese house.

Our herd bull, and yes, he's a bit on the mean side.

Al bringing grain up to our upper barn with the tractor.
You can see the mean looking strom clouds just to the east of us.

Say "cheese" Al!!! Ok, that was a really BAD joke!!

Al started mowing one of our pasture fields, just around the pond to make some hay off of. We're still on the 1st cutting, but it looks like it will be making some really nice hay, and it looks as though we'll be getting quite a few bales of hay more than last year, and we still have 2nd cutting to do.
Emily and I went to church this morning, and it was a really nice Father's Day service. Emily went to junior church and she loves it!
We went to a birthday party after church for family. It was a nice get together. And I am so proud of myself, they had chocolate cake AND cherry cheesecake, and I stayed strong, and didn't have any. That was a HUGE test for me. It is so very hard to go to get togethers, and manage diabetes. I'm working hard to get back on track. I've got a ton of cookbooks and I've found some really good websites.
Now, it's time to get tucked in. More hay making tomorrow, and I have one more batch of Hill Folk Jersey cheese to wax. Then on Tuesday I'll be able to get the red wax melted down for some Gouda to be waxed. I sure do hope our supplies come in this week, but we're going to hold off on cheese making until 1st cutting of hay is finished, then we can really get some cheese made, probably 2 batches a week instead of 1. Hay is coming first right now!


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Hope your supplies come in to, I know you've been waiting quite some time now. Do they know that this is a busines, not just for fun. LOL. Goodness!
Love Emily's pool, it's fabulously perfect for the diva. And girl, go get a swim suit. They have great bathing suits for women. Emily will love her mommmy having a suit.
What? A mean bull? Never! lol. I'll have to tell you a story sometime of my brothers pet bull gone bad! LOL!!!

~Kristen~ said...

Fabulous pictures as always!!! and proud of you for staying strong at the party!!! You can do it!!!

marnie said...

I love seeing your pictures. You have an eye for things. LOVE the storm clouds in the east..

Good for you for being strong at the party. One step at a time.

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