Sunday, June 28, 2009

Welcome to our Family, Pinky

Emily and I have been enjoying our evening "adventures". I did take my camera the other day, and snapped some pictures of her playing in our creek that runs through our pasture. Lots of snails, crawdads and tadpoles to be found! Haven't seen any snakes yet, so I'm thankful for that!

On Friday we took a ride to our vet's office to pick up some boxes and ice packs that they save for us, and ended up bringing a cat home as well! Miss Emily has named her Pink Flower (????), so we are calling her Pinky for short. Our vet's wife found her awhile ago in their field, pretty sickly with kittens. They found homes for the kittens, and had Pinky fixed and helped her get healthy, but needed to find her a home. So, she now lives with us. Our house is becoming quite full! Emily is thrilled to have another furry friend living with us. Pinky seems to have adjusted just fine, she already has the attitude that she owns the house. Thankfully, she and Annie, the dog get along just fine, but Miss Kitty isn't so sure about sharing her humans with someone else! Hoping they make up soon.

Emily and Pinky hit it off the first day!

I missed the farm markets this past weekend, and really hated to! But, our vacuum sealer quit sealing, so I think that the sealing element went out, ordered it, and I'm hoping to have it in this week, and hoping that is what the problem is. So,until that is fixed, I can't cut and pack any cheese. June has not been our month for working with the cheese! Tomorrow I will be waxing 2 batches of the Gouda, and hoping by next week be making cheese!
Tonight we'll be taking the milk weights and in the morning we'll be pulling milk samples, and I plan on running the lactometers right after morning milking so they don't get to warm and spoil, like last month....yuck!
We're up to milking 56 cows, soon to be more than that when we have some more freshen. Thankfully not too much trouble with milk fever this year, but we're not calving the majority during these hot, humid months. That seems to make a difference. We're going to get the water line run to our water tanks on the paddocks that we just made hay on, and begin rotating the milk cows on those paddocks for fresh grass. Give the paddocks that they've been on a rest. Hoping to start mowing the pastures to get rid of the ironweed and thisles.
I am now working on the kitchen, as usual, and going to get something put together for our dinner tomorrow.
Wishing that I could drop some pounds a little quicker, but I keep telling myself that I've changed my eating habits and doing the walking for just over a week, so that is just too soon to really see a difference, but still working on it, and feel a lot more energy!!


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Girl, you work soooooo hard. I am happy for you changing those eating habits, it's wonderful. Emily wants a happy health mommy. Not to mention, she watches everything little thing you do, your making her a better, healthier person.
I love the kitty, what could be more adorable than "pinky". LOL. Kids, who knows what she thought at that moment, would love to know know though. Very cute.
And you know I love the pictues. We got a tiny little creek that runs through our place. A favorite place for kids.

Mardell Lamb said...

Hi Renae,
Aaaaaaw! I love your new kitty. I'm so glad she's got a second chance for a good life. I'm sure she'll be spoiled rotten & there's nothing wrong w/that! Cute, cute pics. Hope you're feeling better these days.

Sending hugs,

Terri and Bob said...

Hey Renae! Long time since I have seen you around! Your blog is so cute!

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