Sunday, June 14, 2009

Civil War Encampment

It's that time of year again, the sound of cannons and guns booming. Women in long dresses and bonnets, and flags flying, both Rebel and Union flags.
Our little town of Woodsfield, OH has a Civil War Encampment each year about this time. It is really something to see, and hear. There is an actual blacksmith working, they sell uniforms, and for women, the dresses from that time period. Something fun, and local to do. The pictures I'm putting up are from last year, since I forgot my camera this year. ( A "duh" moment!)

"Abe Lincoln" with Al & Emily

No cheese making for at least another week. I am so disappointed! But, we ordered supplies, and it takes awhile for the check to reach them for a lot of different reasons, and the coating we need is now on back order. That will give us time to get some hay done while the weather is nice. Hoping to have all of 1st cutting done well before we make cheese again.
Just because we are not making cheese, however does not mean that we won't have work that needs to be done with our cheese. I have about 6 batches of cheese (about 70 wheels) that I will be waxing. I also have to get busy and wipe down all of the wooden shelves with some salt and vinegar, clean up the plastic mats that we lay the wheels of cheese on and pack up some cheese for the farm markets. I have an order to get ready for tomorrow. I have found that it takes just about 45 minutes to cut, package and label 1 wheel of cheese. I try to do 4-5 wheels for the farm markets.
I did buy up some strawberries last week, YUM! I cut them up and froze them. I'm hoping that I can make up some Strawberry Bread this week, since we won't be doing cheese. We love to make that bread, and the loaves freeze up some nice, and can keep and when you thaw them out, you can't even tell they were frozen.
Now, I'm off to do that neverending chore of laundry... At least with nice weather, I can take advantage of my clothesline.


Marci said...

What do you do with all the milk when you are not making cheese?

~Kristen~ said...

I remember these pics! They are so great!

Girl, you need a day where you get to do nothing but lounge around, take a nap, read a good book, maybe some scrapbooking, and be waited on hand and foot! You deserve it!!! :-)

Renae said...

Marci~ Our milk goes into United Dairy in Martins Ferry, OH, it's a milk plant. We just use a very small amount each week when we are making cheese.

Kristen~ YES!! I need a day like that!! I'm looking forward to winter when we can slow down a bit...I hope! :)

Jenny said...

Neat, neat pictures Renae.

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